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Thought I was done with Argentina, did you?

Not a chance! I told I was milking the trip for blog content. I just took a little break over the holidays to do a lot of eating and drinking. Let’s get back on track here.

La Cabrera is probably the parrilla with the most press right now. It takes a spin on the traditional parrilla, and makes it more modern. They offer side dishes with every order of beef, like Korean banchan.

This table is all ours!

Sides mostly consist of tomatoes and potatoes.

First and only time we saw sweet potatoes during the trip.

Remember they’re big on pasta.

This is the only parrilla that has kobe beef.

Eating dead animals has never been so good.

Michelle was very happy in all her Argentinian attire.

Tired from eating all that food. Having a little after dinner treat from the lollipop tree.

Everyone who has been to Buenos Aires raves about this place. It’s good, but their meat isn’t any better than any of the numerous parrillas we went to in the city. I think there is a lot of hype surrounding this place. With that said, it’s definitely worth putting on the list of places to eat in Buenos Aires. Just make sure you have reservations. It’s a pretty popular place.