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Food in Kyoto

This is a bowl of ramen, loaded with green onions. Before it was ready to eat, it looked like this…


Here’s a quick video of Michelle and I losing our eyebrows. The first half of the video is the owner holding up a bunch of cards in English to tell us not to run away screaming.

These might look familiar to some of you. We went to Din Tai Fung in Kyoto. That makes three locations we’ve been to now. Kyoto, Shanghai, and Taiwan. We’ve never been ┬áback home in Los Angeles. Now it’s almost like we can’t go because it’s too pedestrian for us.

Standard dumplings but topped with shrimp.

Pork chop rice!

Kyoto is definitely worth a visit, though it’s not a fast-paced, modern city like Tokyo. While it’s not backwoods town, it seems to move at a slower pace, sticking to its cultural roots. We were glad to get a chance to see Kyoto, but we were also very glad to be heading back to Tokyo.

Some well deserved drinks for the train ride back.

We did a lot of walking. This is relaxation time.

I want to live in a golden house.

Kyoto is great for those of you that love history, but because it’s an older city with more historical landmarks, there are tourists everywhere. The worst are the Chinese tourists. Remember how I said Japanese people are the nicest, most polite people ever? Chinese people are the complete opposite, loud and pushy.

The storm that had forced us indoors the day before was gone, and we were free to explore Kyoto and get some culture. While we like to see historical culture spots, that’s not why we wanted to visit Japan. I’m going to breeze on through these without much commentary.

I want a golden house on a lake.


One of the few pictures of us from the trip. Who wants to travel with us next time and take photos of us?

World’s largest rock garden. It kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? No? Me neither.

I asked her if there were cowboys and saloons in there. She stared blankly at me.

Some of the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom in Kyoto.

Hanging out river side.

While kimonos are pretty common in Kyoto, there is a section of Kyoto that is known for the geisha. It has become somewhat of a tourist spot as the geishas take on traditional service roles in restaurants, and tourists pay a lot of money for the experience. It’s been noted that tourists swamp these girls like the paparazzi. I am ashamed to say that I was not an exception. It’s no wonder why they speed walk to their work and sometimes sneak in via taxi. I bet this is what Kim Kardashian feels like. Well, you know, if she had a job.

Have I been to this restaurant before?

After finally getting back to our hotel room, we got to lie down and rest a bit. It was nice to get out of wet clothes. Soon the hunger set in and we realized food wasn’t going to bring itself to us. Fortunately it had stopped raining.

We settled on Uroco, an Izakaya restaurant two subway stops from our hotel.

The restaurant had a very Western design to it.

The menu makes me think of a joint we like to go to back home called Musha. For those of you that have been, I’m sure you agree.

No, these are not testicles. They are actually a tofu appetizer. Very light on the flavor, unlike testicles.

Pork belly over peas and baby corn.

The closeup.

This is very similar to MFC, Musha Fried Chicken. Perfectly crisp skin on the outside and the meat is so juicy.

Kim chi and cheese tempura rolls.

Ebi mayo. This was the only dish I wasn’t impressed with of the meal. The batter on the shrimp turned to a spongy texture from all the sauce on it.

Tofu donut and Houji tea cream Brule of parfait. I copied that straight from the menu. This is green tea ice cream on an egg custard with donuts,whip cream, and a few pieces of fruit topping off the whole thing.

Cheesecake of a Strawberry plentifully. Again, straight from the menu. I’m not a dessert person. I turn down birthday cake, even if it’s my own birthday, but I loved this. Maybe it was the going such a long time without having any sweetness that resembled American flavors that made me enjoy it so much.

I probably would have also enjoyed A lot of fruit is crepe ice.

Kyoto has the same letters as Tokyo!

When we originally planned our trip to Japan, we really only were excited about Tokyo, but we figured since we flew all the way across the world, we should at least something else. In an attempt to get a little history we stopped into Kyoto. The bullet train only takes about two hours to get to Kyoto from Tokyo, so we arrived in the morning to a wet mess.

Kyoto is an older city, and some of the people there stick to older traditions in clothing. Women in kimonos walked the streets in the rain.

A temple. I honestly don’t know what this was, but we were just trying to get out of the rain.

Nijo Castle. They make you take your shoes off. There is bare wood floor with no insulation underneath it, just air. I thought my feet where going to freeze and snap off.

The rain stopped just long enough for us to get some views of the castle grounds.

Cherry blossoms were just starting here too. Nothing was in full bloom.

Then it started hailing and raining sideways, so we took cover in some restaurant.

It’s pretty much like Yoshinoya, but the meat isn’t complete fat.

After the meal we were soaking wet and knew we weren’t going to want to do any more sight seeing. We went to a bath house, where we separated ourselves to our respective gender baths and got naked in front of strangers. Sorry, there are no pictures except this one. I found a beer vending machine!

Our room for our stay in Kyoto. I could totally live like this.

Let’s not forget about Kyoto.

We’re also going to Kyoto for a couple of days.

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