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Business Idea: Brown Party Bus

We have a great working relationship with our UPS driver. When he had some issues with work due to no fault of his own, we wrote a letter to his boss to put a good word in for him. He has given us his cell phone number in case we need to get a package shipped out later than normal pickup time or delivered before normal time. If I am around when he shows up I chat with him, and our conversations have come up with some great business ideas, most of them actually not involving the shipment of drugs.

If you’ve ever seen a UPS driver during the summer months, he is sweating. Why? The trucks they drive are essentially ovens. They are dark brown, so they absorb the sun’s heat and hold it inside. So we’ve come up with the idea of slow cooking meats in the truck and selling them at delivery stops. Put a smoker box in the truck and pipe a vent out the exhaust and you’re set. Who wouldn’t want a rack of slow cooked ribs delivered to them?

Winters would be great for delivering ice cream. Attach a speaker and play ice cream truck music and the employees will come running.  Lawsuits from children getting run over by UPS trucks might be on the rise though.

Just this week our driver came to pick up packages and Sublime was blaring from his truck. As I approached I noticed he was grooving and singing along as he was tossing packages around. I told him Friday he should show up with a karaoke machine and tequila and throw happy hours inside his truck.

UPS. Now catering and hosting parties.

We’re Old! Oh Wait, Just Him.

The first of the 30th birthdays has begun. *Sobs* My buddy Spencer turned the big 3-0, but he handled it like a champ and made it seem pretty cool. You can’t beat a karaoke party. A room was rented at Bar Melody, and the owner and the karaoke host said it was the craziest karaoke session they’ve seen, but what went on there is for us to know. (Okay, here is a little peak.)


Serenading the birthday boy.


Just Bust a Move!


Bury me! Bury me! I am finished with yooouuuuuu!!!!


Who knew there were all these extra lyrics in this song?


Everyone having a good time.


Serenading the ladies, up close and personal.

I have to say it will be sad when I exit my 20’s in a couple years, but if I can go out in this style it won’t be so bad. Other side of the hill, here I come!

This Kid Puts Me to Shame

For all of you that think you know your rock history, it is incomplete without knowing the history and the catalog of The Beatles. Here is a kid that is quite young and doesn’t even speak English. Yet somehow he manages to sing one of the classics.

If you look at related YouTube videos, it’s unfortunate that the parents of his kid seem to be whoring him out for stardom though. Make it big through your kid!

Karaoke, Anyone?

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really want to sing, but I can hardly remember the lyrics to any song, and where am I going to find a karaoke bar open at 5:00 AM?” I know it’s a common thought for myself, and I’m sure it’s a concern that weighs on your minds constantly. Worry no more, my friends.


While looking around for a speaker setup for my iPod, I ran across this brilliant piece of free software. I present to you, TunePrompter! This gem of a software will allow you to select a song, import lyrics from the Internet, and by hitting the space bar while the song plays, you can sync up the words. Export the bad boy and you have karaoke on your iPod. It doesn’t get sweeter than that. Oh wait, it does!

Combine the awesome software with the iKaraoke from Griffin, and you have yourself a truly portable karaoke solution. This little device lowers the main vocal track on music files, because let’s face it. You sing Mariah Carey’s songs better than Mariah Carey herself, especially if you’re Celine Dion.

I expect to see lots of people with these little gadgets. Imagine riding to work on the bus with thirty other aspiring singers, honing their American Idol skills, none of them getting a single note right. It’s a beautiful thing.