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Estate Sale

This weekend my family had an estate sale. That’s the fancy way of saying garage sale. It lets people know you are selling everything, not just the junk you don’t need. Unfortunately, my grandma owned mostly junk. Fortunately for us, people that show up to garage sales want mostly junk. They pass over the quality stuff for the cheap stuff. If any of you are looking for some junk, some of the stuff is still available. Download the pictures and circle what you want, and drop me an email. I’ll give you a good deal.

Who wants to play dress up?

Book are five bucks a box, whatever you can fit in and carry.

Kitchenware, and lot of it.

We can start a 60’s/70’s themed amusement park with this loot.

This looks like junk, but these were the best toys to play with when we stayed at grandma’s house.

Fancy electronics. Come and get them!

Kitchenware everywhere.

The exercise bike is still available. The elephant and sombrero went fast.

The point of this sale was to make some cash while having other people take away some of the items that were going to end up in the trash eventually anyway. It just sucked having to move bookshelves in the sweltering heat. Things went well, and we made a fair amount of money. I even kept a few choice items for myself and a couple special treats for the rest of you. Here is one of my finds.

Although it seemed kind of crazy grabbing this suede jacket in 100 degree weather, I just had to grab it. You can bet when winter comes along I’ll be rocking this bad boy. My mom said, “I think Dad used to wear that when we first started dating.” My thought was, “And yet you still married him.”