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Daikokuya must have been better in a previous life.

Again, hop into my DeLorean and let’s go eat at this spot Daikokuya I just heard about from a friend. Well maybe I didn’t just hear about it but the long lines always deterred me, especially when it’s for ramen. I’ve been spoiled in Gardena where good ramen shops are everywhere and waiting is something you don’t have to consider.

There are probably just as many people standing outside on the sidewalk waiting to get into the joint.

These sausages are good. I haven’t found a sausage that I don’t enjoy in my mouth. Yes, that is what she said.

I don’t know what happened to the gyoza, but they turned into a giant pancake. It’s okay though. They covered it up with a mountain of green onions. No one will know.

This is good ramen. The broth is excellent, definitely some of the best I’ve ever had in all my ramen consumption. The noodles, however, are just okay. When you put that together it’s a bit disappointing after the wait. Perhaps the wait raised my expectations or maybe it was too much to eat before I actually got to the ramen, but I was just expecting more from the fabled Daikokuya.