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Have I been to this restaurant before?

After finally getting back to our hotel room, we got to lie down and rest a bit. It was nice to get out of wet clothes. Soon the hunger set in and we realized food wasn’t going to bring itself to us. Fortunately it had stopped raining.

We settled on Uroco, an Izakaya restaurant two subway stops from our hotel.

The restaurant had a very Western design to it.

The menu makes me think of a joint we like to go to back home called Musha. For those of you that have been, I’m sure you agree.

No, these are not testicles. They are actually a tofu appetizer. Very light on the flavor, unlike testicles.

Pork belly over peas and baby corn.

The closeup.

This is very similar to MFC, Musha Fried Chicken. Perfectly crisp skin on the outside and the meat is so juicy.

Kim chi and cheese tempura rolls.

Ebi mayo. This was the only dish I wasn’t impressed with of the meal. The batter on the shrimp turned to a spongy texture from all the sauce on it.

Tofu donut and Houji tea cream Brule of parfait. I copied that straight from the menu. This is green tea ice cream on an egg custard with donuts,whip cream, and a few pieces of fruit topping off the whole thing.

Cheesecake of a Strawberry plentifully. Again, straight from the menu. I’m not a dessert person. I turn down birthday cake, even if it’s my own birthday, but I loved this. Maybe it was the going such a long time without having any sweetness that resembled American flavors that made me enjoy it so much.

I probably would have also enjoyed A lot of fruit is crepe ice.