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2006: Stuff Happened

I had no idea how to categorize the things that happened in 2006. It was a lot of travels, a lot of fun with friends, and the beginning of a lot of fish.


I got my new MacBook. I remember having my friend watch me on iSight on my old PowerBook as I unwrapped it. Yup, nerd.


Michelle and I took a trip to Hawaii, our first trip together.


We had too much beer and sake, so we went to Home Depot. I have a lot more pictures of us running around the place.


Oh the joys of Las Vegas. Scotch and cigars.


I took a trip to Europe. I took Michelle. This is our second trip together.


I won goldfish at the state fair. This started an obsession with keeping fish.


This was my first fish tank I started with, a small 10 gallon unit.


For Halloween I went as my friend Spencer. That’s me in the back center. I made extra masks so everyone could participate.

Only a couple years left until we’re current. Stay tuned!