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Furnishing the New Home

I’ve been sick three times this year, enough to put me into the bed. Normally I am only sick once a year for half a week. This is getting annoying. This latest bout took me home a couple hours early on Friday, leaving me in bed until Saturday morning. I would have stayed there, but this weekend was our weekend to move our furniture to the new home.


Living room couches are gone. The piano is my brother’s to take.


The dining room set is gone too.


The goldfish barrel was a much easier move than I originally anticipated. All the goldfish are doing great in their new home. The 20 gallon tank made the move as well, and all the Dwarf Crayfish are doing fine as well.

Almost all the big pieces of furniture have been moved, but that is the easy part. Living twenty two years in one place, you collect a lot of junk. We have multiple boxes in the garage and attic of Transformers, Star Wars, and other toys that my brother and I used to play with when we were younger. My mom also saved boxes of our school awards. For some unknown reason my brother’s name is on twice as many boxes as mine, probably just a mislabeling. All these little things are going to be a pain in the butt to move.


Michelle enjoyed the view from the new house.


Michelle was tired from all the moving she didn’t do. She was kind enough to test out my new bed.