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Nikuzushi: Can’t Eat This in America

Michelle and I went wandering Ebisu, looking for a restaurant we had on our intinerary. We walked back and forth along the block, where the restaurant was supposed to be located, but it looked like there was only one restaurant on the block. Looking through the window we could see it was serving noodles , not what we were looking for after two noodle museums. We decided to poke our heads in and ask where our restaurant was located.

We found this. It was a narrow corridor of restaurants, an indoor alley of street vendors. The air smelled of so many flavors, grilled meats and seafood, potent broths, and even some cigarette smoke. We charged forward finally finding our restaurant, Nikuzushi.

This place specializes in meat sushi. While their raising and handling of the animals used is much cleaner than America’s animal factories, there are still inherent risks. A year ago some children died after eating raw meat, so pork and beef are no longer allowed completely raw.

This is pork. It’s not raw, but this amount of pink in the meat would probably scare a lot of people back home. Very tender. I’d like some of this meat in a sandwich back home. Come on, Subway!

The meat on the right is beef, which looks more like roast beef. What’s on the left, however, is something you probably won’t find on a menu in the states. That is horse. A bit chewy, like any raw piece of meat. It’s lighter than beef, but beef is probably what I’d compare it most closely with, although some people say it’s also a bit like venison.

Ground horse, topped with a raw egg.

I liked the horse as a thin slice of meat. Tenderize it by grinding it up and stir in a raw egg, and you have a creamy, delicious dish. The texture on this is out of this world too. It’s soft and delicate, almost melting in your mouth.

The owner is super cool, and although his English is very limited, he helped us out and treated us like any of his other customers. If you get to Tokyo, please check this place out. Expand your mind and try not to think of food as normal or weird. It’s just different.

PS. It helps not to think of Sea Biscuit or Mr. Ed while you’re here.


Travel by Boat, Horse, Zip Line

The spa wrapped up our stay in La Fortuna/Arenal. The next morning we made our journey to Monteverde.


We started out traveling via boat across the lake.


Then we got onto horses. Look we have the same haircut!


Here is the gang on the horses. That’s me in the back, very unhappy. I won’t be riding a horse again.


For dinner we went to Tree House. Did anyone see us on the webcam?


We took advantage of the nice ambiance to snap some photos. Here is Michelle with tree in background.


Hola, chica. Dame besos y abrazos.


The next morning my back was hurting so all my friends offered to take a crack at unknotting it. It hurt so bad. Look at how red my back turned. Why does he look so happy?


Fortunately I my back didn’t bother me enough to stop me from this.

This was a big deal for me. I don’t like roller coasters. They scare me.

Get Off Your High Horse

I drive past here every day on my way to work. I’m sure this has been here all 20+ years I’ve lived in PV, but never really noticed this. I stared at it, still half asleep, while I was sitting at the stoplight wondering why they would do this. Finally it dawned on me, and I snapped a photo.

They have crosswalk buttons specifically for people on their horses. The could have at least designed a  button with a logo of a man on a horse. Rich people are so lazy.