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Time to Move

Well Escrow is officially closed. I stopped by the house today to check in on it. Things are ready for my move this weekend. I’ll miss my old house with all its problems.


This window has been broken for 20 years. I put the tape on it this winter, because it was exceptionally cold.


“Whoa! She’s getting out of the shower again! Check it out!”

Yes, the previous owner left a pair of high powered binoculars and a telescope. The telescope even has a laser sight on it. I can make people all over Los Angeles think there is a sniper out to get them. I’ll update with pictures as we get moved into the new house.

Moving On Up…to the East Side

I guess because it’s a peninsula, the rest of Palos Verdes is actually further west than where I currently live, even though I’m right along the coast. I digress. My parents just bought a new home. The home is really nothing spectacular to speak of really. My parents liked the view. Since my mom recently retired, she has been spending more time at home, and I think she’s tired of our peekaboo view. She wanted a real view.

The whole transaction happened rather quickly. The house just listed, and my parents saw it Saturday. Sunday their bid was in, and three days later their offer was accepted.


Overlooking the city.


My parents weren’t the only ones interested. Also, you can see the plans I have made already.


View of the ocean over rooftops.


The view can even be seen from inside the home.

Even though I’m happy that my parents got a great new home, there are some things I am not looking forward to in all this.

1. Moving. I hated moving, even when I was just in an apartment in college. It’s probably going to take me two whole days just to move my fish tanks.

2. Traffic. This house puts me farther away from a freeway. Getting to work in the morning is going to be a pain in the ass.

There is some up side to the new home. There will finally be radio reception and cell phone reception for people using carriers other than Sprint. It won’t take me close to 40 minutes to drive to Michelle’s house even though she is in the next city over. I’ll get a room that won’t have a crack in the window. It’s so damn cold during the winters. Last, but certainly not least, you know I’m going to have a going away party at this house, but try not to mess stuff up. We still have to rent the house to someone.

Time to Bring Back the Neighborhood Watch

Last night we all heard a loud thud. We assumed it was an animal, knocking over our trash again. When I left for work this morning, there was a brick on the trunk of my car. Some person threw a brick at my car in my driveway, probably trying to hit my rear window. There is a sizable dent on my trunk now. My car is merely a means of transportation to me, but this is low. I would guess this is some neighborhood kid with nothing better to do while he is on winter break. Reports have been filed but will probably amount to little. There are places in the United States, where you can leave your car running with the windows down, and your car would be safe. Unfortunately those places are fewer and fewer nowadays.

Such is life. Don’t sweat the petty things. Pet the sweaty things.