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This is not tea.

This is vanilla bean, split and cut, soaking in Maker’s Mark. It is one of the ingredients of my latest home brew. I’m five days from bottling, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

The Beer Cabinet

Remember when I told you about the weapons in the war on sobriety? Here is the ammunition I am using. IPA, Abbey Style, Wit, and Stout. There are two more batches of bullets being manufactured right now.

I think that middle shelf is sagging in the middle. I better start using some of the ammunition.

Live Ale

When you brew beer, all your beer is essentially like this.

Yes, beer is made by living organisms, some of which are still alive in the bottles as you pour into your glass. Shocking. But this isn’t a beer that I brewed. It’s something you can buy off the shelf in a store. Let’s all stop and give thanks to these microorganisms that make getting borracho a reality.

Home Brewing is a Learning Process

Today I learned what a blow off tube does and why you should have one. I opened my pantry, curious to see if my stout was still fermenting. Boy was it ever! My airlock was filled with a mixture of beer and vodka, and that same mixture was all over the lid of the primary fermenter. Fortunately it stayed on the lid, because it was a mess. Think of root beer float foam, but thicker and stickier. Fortunately I have random crap I take from our warehouse at work and a spare airlock. After some quick sanitizing, I made this.

The tubing is just small enough to squeeze into the airlock tube. Dump the other end into some sanitized water, and crisis averted.

I know video if beer fermenting is boring, this thing is bubbling like mad right now! That pretty much means it’s making booze!

Hoppy Beerthday to Me!

I got to celebrate my 31st birthday this weekend with my buddy Harrison, who shares a birthday week with me, in awesome fashion, sharing beer and food with some friends.

We cracked open some brews and even some special bottles I picked up. I got to share my love of beer with my friends.

For food, we tossed some bacon wrapped pork loins into the bottom of the smoker.

On top, one more pork loin and baby back ribs. I had to roll the ribs and tie them because there wasn’t enough room to lay them out. They actually didn’t fit this way either. I had to tilt them so they didn’t press up against the lid.

Brautwursts, boiled in our home brew red ale before heading to the grill.

Toss some veggies onto the grill, and the party was on its way.

It was also a gorgeous day to be outside. Thank you, sun, for coming out for my birthday.

It was good getting to spend time with friends just hanging out.

My friend even brought his dog, and she loved our sheep skin rug.

Michelle even made some awesome treats for the group. She made Sriracha Deviled Eggs and Mini Spinach Cups. Here she is, pulling her shrimp toast from the oven.

The meat came out great, with a nice smoke ring.

There was so much meat left over, which is almost never a bad thing.

The aftermath. Good times!

Today I am a man.

Today was a very special day. It was the day I got my first set of power tools. Drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and flashlight. It comes with two battery packs, and a cool bag that makes me feel like a professional thief.

I can no longer tell Michelle I can’t do things around the house because I don’t have the proper tools. Now I have to tell her that I just don’t know how to use the tools.

To top off the power tool man status, this is our closet. Michelle is pushing for it to be a shoe closet. I’m winning this battle.

Now for all you people that get as excited as me about home brew, here is a video of my beer bubbling as it ferments. I’m working on my second batch of IPA. This round I was encouraged to add a whole lot more hops during the brewing process. According to Michelle, our closet now smells like lychee. This should be quite the tasty brew.

More Beer Labels

The worst part about making beer? Bottling. The best part (other than drinking it of course)? Coming up with cool names and designing labels.

This is the last beer I made with my buddy Raaj in Culver City before I moved. It won’t be the last time we brew together, but it’ll be tougher now.

I brewed this batch of red ale with Tim, a guy I’ve known since the 6th grade. Since it’s a red ale we decided to play off the episode of South Park that made fun of red-headed kids.

I’ve got one more name and label to come up with still. Stay tuned.

The Beer Baron Strikes Again

This is one of our closets. Two different Belgians and a red ale.

After all this bottling, I’m seriously contemplating stepping up to a keg with CO2 system. Bottling is a pain in the butt.

Call me the Beer Baron

I’m not sure whether it is awesome or a little bit sad that I am not full unpacked, but there are two batches of beer fermenting in my bathtub. Don’t worry, they’re in buckets.

I know you were imagining a bathtub full of beer.

Here is a short video of the beer fermenting. It’s a notch more interesting than watching paint dry. You’re seeing CO2 produced as a byproduct of making alcohol. Each time a bubble leaves the air lock, it smells a little bit like the friend who has been drinking beer all day, talking a little bit too close to you.

Grilled Cheese

Yesterday, we started on beer batch number three. It’s a Belgian Dubbel. The wives are always wanting to use our brewing time to hang out together too, so the idea for grilled cheese was thrown out. It’s nice to have a brewing buddy that is also interested in cooking. That made for a pretty good evening of brewing and snacking.

Gruyere and serrano ham on sourdough.

Cheddar, jalapenos, and chorizo sausage on sourdough.