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Some Random Holiday Photos

Here are some photos from the holidays this year.

There was beer pong.

There was also flip cup.

The losers got spankings.

The crappy gift exchange brought out 20 lbs. of taco sauce.

It also brought out a lot of light sabers.

There was time with the cousins.

We even threw a Hannah  Montana themed party for a very special person.

And there she is.

I saw UCLA lose to Washington. Got a great program with good years ahead.

I learned that nuns really like boba.

I don’t have any pictures from New Year’s Eve that don’t have someone looking a little drunk, passed out, or just raging. Those pictures will remain under wraps. I personally behaved this year, unlike some other years past.

How my family does Christmas…

It’s Christmas morning. Our lights only went up less than a week ago. We have an artificial Christmas tree that never gets undecorated. It gets covered with a sheet and put away in a closet for the next year. That has only been up a couple of days, but it has never been plugged in once. There isn’t a single present in this house right now. This is how my family sees Christmas. No big deal.

It’s just enough to let you all know, we’re not Jewish. Merry Happy, everyone!

Christmas Fail

This was the cake we got for our company Christmas party. Should I have rolled my R’s over the phone when I ordered it?

Another Holiday Party with the Koreans

Michelle had her annual company Christmas dinner. This year it was at Saketini in Brentwood.

IMG_6624 (Custom)

The famous Lychee Saketini. The girls (and some of the guys) were drinking these. Too sweet for my tastes.

IMG_6626 (Custom)

This is definitely more to my tastes.

IMG_6631 (Custom)

Started eating and forgot to take a picture of the Lobster Roll until half of it was gone.

IMG_6632 (Custom)

Kobe Beef. In the background is the fish which looked good too, but beef > fish.

The food was great and the company was great as usual. After dinner we were suckered into going to K-Town for karaoke. Wait, is that a cardinal sin not to call it norebang? I am exhausted right now and will spend the rest of the weekend hibernating. Totally fun and worth it.

Am I Scrooge or Tiny Tim? Or Tiny Scrooge?

I will be working every day this holiday, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Before you go and feel sorry for me, I made the call to work and to have everyone work, unless they wanted to take a vacation day. They call me the SOB, Son of the Boss.

It sucks sometimes having to be disliked for my decisions. I struggle with wanting to be fun versus needing to be responsible. Decisions I make regarding my career affect me but also the employees in the company. In these slow times my goal is not to let anyone go or cut anyone’s pay, but I would hope that people understand that they have to weather these tough times with me.

I hope to let people go home early on some of these upcoming holiday work days. Hopefully that puts a smile on people’s faces. If not, F them. I’m the SOB.

What a Slacker!

Greg is 6’5″, a manly man from the Midwest, and the hardest working man I know. I will often wake up in the morning, and by 6:50 AM I will have half a dozen email messages from him about systems I need to size and quote to customers he has visited in the previous days. It’s also not uncommon for me to receive emails and scans as late as 10:00 PM that I know are coming from our office.

Greg isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for a customer. The reason Coca-Cola likes us so much is because Greg made a trip out there two years ago on the 4th of July to get some parts they needed for their plant shutdown. Greg has told me about how he was looking for more work one summer in addition to his regular job, so he drove half an hour every day so he could shovel manure. Greg has missed one day of work since he was sixteen. He can tell you the exact date. He seemed so disappointed when he told us about that day, and noted that he went to see a doctor to prove he wasn’t just being a wuss.

I respect Greg’s worth ethic. It makes me ashamed of myself. I think in the past 2.5 years that I have worked here, I have been on time for work less than a dozen times. Look at me at this very moment. I am writing on my website. I bet Greg doesn’t run a site. It would be one hell of a shock to find a website run by Greg about how he slacks off at work and hates his boss’ son.

Religion and Language

I was picked up a burger from In-N-Out today for lunch. They still have bible verse references printed on their product wrappers and containers. I admire people that are willing to let their beliefs stand out in their business. We have a company that is Jewish owned, and they were completely closed yesterday for Rosh Hashanah and today as well. There was not a soul in sight. In our in industry almost no one closes the business completely on any day. If the standard workers are off, the maintenance crews come in to do their work. I admire that the owner gave everybody the day off. I just wish they told us, so our salesman didn’t show up, see a locked gate and think they went out of business. We were ready to send out our debt collector, baseball bat and all.

I can understand how a foreign language might be tough, but what baffles me is when people can’t pronounce sounds that exist in their native tongue or even flip sounds for letters. Take the Chinese for instance.

“You make a light turn and then you make a reft turn to get the flied lice prace.”

It’s not like the letter R and the letter L are impossible sounds to make. In fact, I think both sounds exist in the Chinese language. Why do they flip them in their speech? It’s not just the Chinese that do this. I’m sure you can all guess, which people speak like the next sentence.

“Joo got a yob? I got two yobs. I work at Yamba Yuice. I also make Yumbo Yacks. They are so yuicy. Joo want one?”