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Ghibli Museum and some more wandering Tokyo

I’ve got a golden ticket! Too bad they won’t let you take pictures inside the museum. Some of the animations are pretty neat.

They will let you take picture of the Giant Robot from Laputa Castle in the Sky. Our eyes are barely open here as the wind whips dust around everywhere. It was pretty painful being on the roof.

We tried to return the favor and take the picture of the couple behind us that took our picture. No, they trusted their five year old instead.

I did manage to sneak one picture of an exhibit from Princess Mononoke.

After seeing the museum it was starting to get rainy, so we decided to head back into Ginza to hang out in shops where it was dry.

That is where we found this.

And where I took this.

Sony has a great showroom, where you can play with all of its newest toys. These little cameras made me wish I had a smaller body camera like this, that is until I saw the price tags on them.

They have different lighting setups so you can play with camera in different scenarios. The software is so good on these cameras now that they adjust for damn near everything. The only thing these things can’t do is compose the shot. A great camera still doesn’t make you a photographer. Damn. I was so close.

Dinner was tsukemen. Every single place we stopped into cooked noodles perfectly. This was no exception. Great bite and the dipping broth was excellent. It was packed with flavor but not heavy.

After dinner we said we’d take an hour nap and head out on the town for the first night since getting to Japan. Four hours later we woke up and forced ourselves downstairs to our hotel bar. At least they had some good Scotch.


Small Gift? But I want a big gift!

It’s amazing that Sanrio has been around for fifty years and is as popular as it is in America, especially considering how so many of the ideas don’t translate cross-culturally. I mean, who the hell wants a small gift? In America we want big, awesome gifts that make loud noise and have flashing lights. Yet the most iconic character for Sanrio is a cat that has no voice or personality outside of the outfits that are designed for her. For whatever reason it’s so popular, Sanrio is fifty and we celebrated at the Small Gift event. We went during their “I Heart Nerds” party at one of the airplane hangars at Santa Monica Airport. People were dressed up as nerds in addition to the Sanrio characters.

Some of the giant balloons over looking the miniature golf course. When did a strawberry king and fish become characters in Sanrio?

What’s the name of the hamburger?

And the yellow dog with the nipple hat. Who is he? Should I be proud that I don’t know who these characters are now that I’m a grown man?

There was a great gallery of artwork based on the Sanrio characters. Even if you aren’t into Sanrio, it’s worth it to check out some of the art pieces.

This was our favorite piece there. It’s by an artist named Martin Hsu. A larger size can be viewed here.

This is a classic pose, but I always thought Hello Kitty was flipping the bird whenever I saw this.

There was even an exhibit that mashed up Sanrio and Fight Club.

Of course we had to get a picture with Hello Kitty herself. The headband and glasses I’m wearing were handed out at the door, yet our friend Jenny said to me, “Oh wow, you look so nerdy.” Uh, this is just me.

The costumes people were wearing were awesome.

Jenny and Michelle made sand art!

They even showed off some car wraps for Smart Cars. As if these cars could get any less masculine…

Ladies, look out for the Hello Kitty line of products at Sephora in 2011.

Whether you like it or not, Sanrio is here to stay. Here’s to another fifty years of cute, Japanese icons. Check out some more of my pictures here.

A Hello Kitty Weekend

This Friday was Spencer’s birthday. He thought he was going to a show. Little did he know that when he came upstairs to get the tickets that Vivian forgot, we jumped out and surprised him. We had a sushi party with all the fixings.


The chefs, preparing Japanese delicacies.


Harrison, looking especially creepy. Everyone dressed up in Hello Kitty attire.


Japanese people to judge our pathetic attempts at sushi.


Lo, looking very short bus.







The Hello Kitty cake.


Spencer with all his Hello Kitty gear.


Annie rocks out on Guitar Hero.

The next day Michelle and I were beat, so we took it easy. We went to watch Juno. This was an excellent movie, filled with dark humor. I recommend everyone go see it.