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We’re a long way from the coast.

When we were getting recommendations for places to eat in Palm Springs, Roy’s came up. I really didn’t want to check out a restaurant that is part of a chain, but after striking out at so many other places that were closed for the summer, I figured it was a safe bet. Plus Michelle loves seafood and had never been to Roy’s before.

So familiar. I wonder how seafood handles 115 degree weather.

When making reservations there’s a drop down box to select the occasion for the meal. It’s just enough to make your wife think you actually planned something special.

Roy’s Canoe Appetizer for Two. Hey, there are two of us in this marriage. That’s perfect. Before I’d just have to go ahead and eat two portions.

Michelle, doing everything in her power not to swallow the plate whole.

My Shellfish Sampler.

Yes, dear. I planned the whole thing!

So when you’re stuck in the middle of a sweltering desert and all the locals have gone to cooler places, seafood is an okay choice as long as it’s from Roy’s. The flavors aren’t always my favorite there, but the food is always fresh and cooked perfectly.