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A Hatty Birthday Celebration

Red Lion Tavern was the venue for the big 2-9 for Harrison and me. This year’s birthday was hat themed. Everyone has a hat, so it made it easy for people to come out in theme.


Michelle and I looking hat-tastic.


The other birthday boy. His hat says, “All hail the birthday princess!”


Sausages are one of the best, simple foods.


We brought out extra hats for those that didn’t choose to participate voluntarily.


Hats all around.


My cousin always steals the show when it comes to theme parties.


Oliver Twist?


Cheeeeeeeese! 8 beers, 2 Jager Bombs, some mystery shot from the waitress that looked like Heather Graham, and a Scotch later. I had no idea the human body could hold so much liquid.

The night ended at Fred 62 with Michelle and I falling asleep on each other while everyone else ate. I am old. Thanks to all my friends, who came out. I had a blast.