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Harpoon Brewery

The middle of our Freedom Trail walk was highlighted by an awesome lunch at Neptune Oyster. That only kept us excited for a short while. After eating, we still hurried through our tour, because we had beer waiting for us.

It’s this way! This is the real trail to freedom!

The brewing schedule from the day before. Smells hoppy to me!

Some of the bottled offerings.

Their bar, where they educate people on their brews and get people drunk.

Michelle patiently waiting to get some brews.

Some more of their offerings.

Tasting some great beers.

Everyone crowded around to get their share.

The kettle closest to you is a steam jacketed kettle.

Michelle, learning the brewing process.

Cans from beers around the world.

Harpoon Brewery has a great set of brews that they offer, from their standard brews, their UFO’s (unfiltered offerings), to their Leviathan Series (big beers). It’s a shame that they don’t distribute west of the Mississippi River. Everyone should check this brewery out if they get the chance. Fortunately, I have my cousin shipping some beer I bought over to me. Now if I could just get him to actually ship it to me. I’m afraid it might all be consumed. Damn, college kids.