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Wandering Harajuku

Harajuku is a fashion-forward region in Tokyo. This is where Tokyo’s youth like to spend their time. On Sundays it is crowded, people everywhere. We didn’t step into most of the clothing stores because they were packed.

There are people everywhere!

Again with the options. Clean in any color you wish.

And the snacks!

So many snacks!

MoMA has a store where you can buy expensive, cleverly designed products.t

Japanese people love crepes. There are crepe shops all over the place.

They also love condoms.

Just a chicken sandwich from a fast food joint we poked our heads into while walking the area.

They cook noodles perfectly, but they also always cook eggs perfectly so the yolk is perfectly runny, not so thin that it runs away from the sandwich.

I really want this foosball table.

Stopped for a coffee break.

We got hungry so we stopped for some ramen. There is one rule in Japan for food. If the line is long, it’s probably awesome. We kept getting into lines and then realizing they were places we already had on our map to check out.

Hungry customers slurping down noodles.

Michelle always goes the spicy route. Always.

Egg, pork, chashu, bamboo, onions, and seasoned cod roe.

So, so very good.


Harajuku: Goth Meets Rainbow Brite

I’m way behind on my posting. It’s better this way though. I’d rather be living an exciting life than telling you about it, but doing both is not bad either. I’m going to jump out of chronological order to show what I did this weekend, because I am excited.

Michelle and I went to check out Sweet Streets 2, an art show at Gallery Nucleus displaying the Harajuku fashion and lifestyle through art.

This particular piece was a tapestry. Damn that’s a lot of dedication.

There were DJ’s spinning Japanese pop music there too.

There were even live painting/sketching demonstrations. I believe the girl in the middle is being drawn.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite piece titled “Harajuku Boy.”

The entire thing is done with different textured paper. I liked this piece a lot.

I liked it so much that I bought it. That red dot there is mine.

After a little bit of searching I found the artist, Megan Brain. She does some really cool stuff. It’s always nice to see art done without paint or ink.