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I’m the man of this house. I build the furniture.

Michelle and I are still slowly filling the new home with furniture. It’s tough because we both have different tastes, but we have enough rooms to decorate them with different styles so we each get our creative outlets. Sometimes we agree and work on the same room together.

Some of you may remember Michelle’s Chevron Bookshelves. She has since placed some golden objects onto the shelves and declared it the blue and gold room. I decided that I would build a table for the room and stick with the theme.

Here is my handy work.

It’s build out of pipe fittings that I took from my warehouse and spray painted gold. It looks freaking sweet if I do say so myself.

This table was originally supposed to have a wooden table top, but after I realized I don’t know how to make a table top out of wood we decided to go with glass. I think it works out better than wood, because it shows off the hardware much better.