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A pocket of hot, juicy love.

Now that I’ve got your attention with a misleading title, let’s talk burgers. Tim has had the urge to make a Jucy Lucy. We picked up some ground beef and various cheeses and got to work. The problem is that none of us have ever made one of these.

Inside of these patties lurks sharp cheddar, American, and blue cheese. Also inside are some bacon and jalapenos! Looking good!

Oh no! They’re breaking apart! For the love of god, why?!

These didn’t turn out so bad, but we already have plans to make them better next time. Thinner patties, more pocket space, and cheese piled into a smaller, tighter bundle.

Good Food and Good Friends

Today was a terrible day at work, a stark contrast to this weekend, which was a whirlwind of activities and non activities with friends accented with delicious meals.


We celebrated Lorenzo’s birthday in Long Beach at a Detective Dinner. Look, it’s Michelle & Matt!


Here we are at Wurstk├╝che, famous for their sausages and beers.


I am definitely coming back for the beer but also because they were out of rattlesnake and rabbit sausage.


I told Michelle to pick anywhere to eat on Sunday, and she picked The Golden State. It’s not the best burger I’ve had, but it’s definitely solid. What they do have going for them is Virgil’s Root Beer on tap. I work with this company once in a while, and they make great root beer and cream sodas. Every once in a while they’d give us free cases and kegs.

Since we don’t get out to LA all that much, Michelle and I decided to stay in the area and make a trip to Jitlada Thai Restaurant.


The Mango Salad is incredible. Make sure to save some.


You’ll need it to cool this beast down. This is fire-in-a-bowl, Jungle Curry! Michelle would leave me for this dish if she could figure out how to get it to buy her presents.

When’s the next three day weekend?

Gluttony, Sweet Gluttony

Michelle and I ate this weekend. Boy did we eat.