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Living away from home is expensive.

Me: Did you know laundry is $2.25 per load to wash and dry in my building? Do you want to make $2.25 per load of laundry?
Mom: That’s just to use the machines. That’s not including detergent and dryer sheets.
Me: Okay, well then how does $2.50 sound. That includes folding and delivery, right?
Mom: Delivery fees are high.
Me: You deliver food already to work. Let’s just use the same courier.

I think I’m just going to sneak in and do my laundry when they’re not around. My laundry will be free until they change the locks on me.

I need to find more places to eat.

It’s great to be able to walk into Downtown Culver City to grab a bite to eat, but you can only eat so many times at the handful of restaurants there. It gets even harder to pick a place when Michelle is off on her own plans. I can’t fly solo at some of these places. They’re not “soup for one” types of restaurants.

Fortunately I have Spencer and Vivian. They’re like the parents now that I’m not living with mine. They knew I was without Michelle for the night and invited me out to dinner. So I rode in the back seat, listened to them talk to each other about their days and make references to people I don’t know. Meanwhile I repeatedly kicked the seat and continually asked, “Are we there yet?” It’s just like having parents again. The only thing they didn’t do was pay for my dinner. Maybe next time.

Sunnin Lebanese Cafe. The combo kebab meal. The meats are not dry like most kebabs I have had, and there’s plenty for leftovers for lunch today.

Always a Parent

My brother went to Berkeley for college and has lived up there since then. When he does come home for a visit my mom always sends him off with potato chips and cookies. It’s not like he can’t buy chips and cookies up north. There was no great snack disaster of 2005 that left them without snacks in northern California.

At some point I realized it doesn’t matter that he can get his own food. My mom needed to do that to feel like a parent. Without kids to take care of, parents are just the oldest people around. So I decided to do what any smart individual would do. I was going to let my mom feel like a parent and take care of me, wait on me hand and foot. We call this living off the fat of the land, but to her she was just being mom.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. As you know I’ve moved out from under my parents’ wings. It’s something I had to do before I was thirty. Just barely made it. Still, I came into work and my dad handed me a bag. This is what was inside of it.

Looks like mom will always be mom.

I Miss Irresponsibility

I am leaving work early, and I was hoping I could find someone to meet up with to enjoy some drinks with, but it appears everyone has one of those annoying things. What are they called? Jobs. I remember when my friends and I just got out of school and were just starting to get jobs. If you skipped a day of work, you always had someone there for a beach day.

I miss that.

Downright Depressing

When I was younger I wanted to rule the world. Today I just want to own my own house in Southern California. Back then, ruling the world seemed so much easier than this other goal.

Being grown up sucks.

This is Not Rock and/or Roll

I remember when I was going to be young forever, stand up, and fight against the man. Now I am the man. Today I found myself up to my ears in work and making a call to a potential employee on the drive home and ending the call with the phrase, “I look forward to meeting you.” As the words echoed in my ears I wondered, “Who said that? Who am I?” I feel a bit like Derrick Zoolander, staring into the puddle of water, questioning what this whole struggle is all about. I’ll have to figure it out later as I need to sleep so I can jump back into the rat race tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll have some time this weekend. Meanwhile, you kids get off my lawn!