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Why would anyone want to be a vegetarian?

A small ribeye I bought at the market. Seasoned with salt, peper, and a little olive oil and tossed on the grill.

If god didn’t want us to eat meat, why did he makes cows out of them?

Damn you picky eaters!

Have you ever had to grill up meat for a party and each person like theirs cooked a different way? Medium. Medium rare. Then there’s always that strange one, who likes his meat cooked well done. Seriously, who does that? (I’m looking at you Chris.)

Fortunately someone created this little gadget to get around all the guess work. Personally I like to just poke at the meat to figure out how cooked it is, but this seems like a novel idea for those that are unsure of how firm their meat should be at each stage of cooking.

I wonder if I could get this thing to tweet my BBQ status.

About time we got a cool President

Here is number two in my Photoshop ability. President Yo’bama. I won’t explain how this one was done. It’s pretty obvious.


No wonder we’re in so much financial trouble with his expensive taste in icy hot grills.


Fortunately he has a stimulus package. Make it rain! [Woooha! who actually took it from me first I think]

Super Prime Rib!


I fail to understand how people can be vegetarians. Even you, Rise Against.