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Look out! It’s the Mongolians!

One of the things I learned to do in college was manipulate photos using Photoshop. It was never anything spectacular, and I still don’t know what half the buttons in the application do. Still, sometimes the more ridiculous the pictures look the better they turn out. This is one of my creations, and hopefully there are more to follow.


Start with a picture of the Great Wall of China. Impressive, ancient China.


Convince your friend to hang off a ledge, three feet off the ground and with the police in the background. Maybe not the smartest thing to do in communist China.

alice wall

Remove some background, arrange layers, and you’re done!

This outsider must be after our prized Orange Chicken.

Win, Lose, or Draw

My name is not Simon, but I do like to draw drawrings. Also, it’s okay if you look at my bum.

I am no artist by any stretch of the imagination. My talents for visual art pieces are pretty much zero, unless you count photo manipulation ability like this.


That was not the point of thisĀ  post, although it provides a hilarious distraction. My drawing ability is limited to stick figures, but I have done quite a few drawings for Michelle. It’s a great way to do something special that costs you no money.


Michelle used to call her car Silver Bullet until she got her Volvo. She needed a new name for her car, so we came up with Silver Lunchbox. This one was not drawn freehand, because I needed to get the lunchbox shape and I could not draw a rectangle that looks like a rectangle to save my life.

I have drawn quite a few of these drawings, which I will share here over time. Stay tuned!