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Just Like a Real Publication

I feel like a real writer. I think I have to post a retraction. Well it’s not a retraction, because what I said about Firefox being the only browser with a good support of plugins was right at the time I posted it.  Hey, all you real writers out there, what do you call this? Just an update? It looks like things have changed recently. Google Chrome will support add-ons. Google’s browser may be a contender in these browser wars. I wonder if they will allow AdBlock Plus run on their system.

Why You Should Run Firefox

Everyone and their mom has a browser out there now. So which one is best? (Save yourself some time, read the title, and scroll down to the good part.)

Firefox. It browses just as well as any browser, not really much better. So what makes it better? Add-ons! Third party developers can create themes and plugins to enhance the functionality of the browser, and they have created a lot. It could be something as basic as blocking ads that almost everyone can get behind, or it could be something specific like an iTunes controller in your browser so you don’t have to stop browsing to change the song playing.

Here are some of the plugins I use to make my browsing experience so much greater.

Foxmarks. Creat an account at foxmarks.com, install the plugin on a couple browsers, and you now have synchronized bookmarks. Bookmark a page, and when you get home you can browse the same page.

AdBlock Plus. Install and browse the web, free of advertisements. You’ll notice a lot of pages load faster with this plugin, because you’re not waiting for ad content to load before the rest of the page.

TwitterBar. This is not for everyone, but it adds the ability to post to your Twitter account, right from the address bar of Firefox. It’s nice and handy when you’re browsing the web and a thought pops into your head that belongs in a Tweet.

TinyUrl Creator. Hand in hand with Twitter, TinyUrl is necessary to keep yourself under the 140 character limit. The problem is the hassle of having to copy the address to your clipboard, load the TinyURL website, and submit the address. Now, you can be succinct AND lazy.

Firebug. This plugin is a must for anyone who edits or designs websites. It allows you to look at the code of a page while simultaneously viewing the rendered page to see how it’s built. Putting your mouse over the sections of the code shows you which section of the page it renders.

8aweek. I both love and hate this plugin at the same time. You know how you it’s supposed to cut down your food consumption if you took pictures of everything you ate? This is supposed to do that by showing you exactly how much you browse. If just the sheer number of minutes spent browsing weren’t enough to deter you, you can set up a list of restricted sites and limit your daily alotted browsing to them. Get you life back from your browser with the help of your browser.

Everyone has different browsing habits, but Firefox has plugins for everyone. Ask me and I can point some out to you or just take a look in the directory.

Google Releases Browser…Tomorrow

Google jumped the gun and released a comic noting a product they haven’t released yet. They have a browser called Chrome in the works. It’s based on Webkit and Firefox. Well, they admitted to their little mistake and it looks like we will see this tomorrow. You can check it out here on the Official Google Blog. This is a good kick to the nuts of Microsoft mostly. I believe Google aspires, not to control the web, but to have enough influence to ensure no one other single entity can dictate it.

Your Source For…

I’ve written about my search engine tracking in the past and taking a look at my logs, I see topics, where I have become a guru. This month I have fifty instances of people searching for the Heineken Mini Keg Can. That’s pretty cool, but here are some of the searches that led people to my website that confuse me. I linked to what I would guess they were looking for when they accidentally found my website.

totaly wet myself
i ate a hot pocket and my back hurts movie
erections not as hard since i stop eating meat
douchebag enterprises
deep seeded issues

So there you have it. I am your source for information on beer, Hot Pockets, wetting oneself, and vegetarian impotence. If you want information on shirtless Korean celebrities, special classes for slow learners, and all things Michelle, check out michellewoo.com.

Interesting Web Finds

In my busy day at work I have found some time to bring you some news, because I know Moron Enterprises is where you all look for reputable news.

Prepare to get a kick to the nuts, Apple. Google’s Android platform will have its own application market. It is similar to the iPhone store, but it has more push towards open applications. Apple finally has some competition in the open development of applications with a centralized distribution means. More competition is better.

In other news, some of you may have to mourn the loss of tequila. With corn being a much more profitable crop as demand for bio fuel increases, farmers in Mexico are switching over to corn as their primary crop. This is no sad moment for me. Every time people bring up tequila, my stomach turns. There are no good experiences that I can recall that involve tequila. I’m sure the stories I do not recall are also bad ones.

People are always telling me that I should read more, and not just any reading. I should be reading real books. Unless the writing is on a computer screen, I can barely read. Give me a PDF manual for a piece of equipment and I can sit there and read it without any problems. Hand me a book or an actual user manual, and it’s snore town. Fortunately I found a great compromise, which allows me to read and get nothing done at work. I can now read at work.

Extreme Web Makeover

I decided it was time to change the look of my website. The Apple look was nice, but change is nice too. This theme organizes some of the basic navigation functionality on the top of the design. I am all set, except for one minor glitch. I can’t figure out how to get my Picasa gallery feed to fit into the sidebar. Fortunately it’s on the far right side and doesn’t interfere with any of the content. I’m using this plugin if anyone has any code experience and wants to dive into it. Let me know what you think.

Good Tech/Gadget Entry. Bad Title.

I hate getting static shock. It has become somewhat of an obsession. This could even be considered borderline obsessive/compulsive. On days that feel dry, I will touch tap the tip of my key to my car door before grabbing the handle. If there is wood on a door, I will touch that before grabbing a metal handle. It’s pretty pathetic. Sometimes I just tell myself that it’s just a shock and I get over it. Well, now I won’t have to these things anymore. The people at Think Geek understand me. This will be on my gift list.

In my other browsing, Google says spam seems to be on a decline. While no figures are released, they say the spam attempts are down. This probably only goes for the Gmail domain, which has great filtering. Spammers probably went to work on domains that are more lax with spam, like hotmail.com and yahoo.com. When was the last time you got spam in your inbox on a Gmail account? Those of you not on Gmail should switch for that reason alone.

Could a company run without formal advertising or marketing? Premium Cola seems to think so. It’s a German company started when people became disappointed with Afri-Cola, the leading cola manufacturer at the time. It’s an interesting concept. It’s just sad to see blond haired, blue eyed Germans always sticking it to the Afri-Colans.

Are you sick of needing reading glasses? I have been blessed with good vision, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand your struggles. I’ve figured out a way to fix your vision. Just shoot yourself in the eye with this ultrasonic gun. It might not be the best idea. Maybe you just need squinty Japanese eyes to shield you from some of the blasts. This will not be on my list.

If you’re too scared, you can try $40.00 glasses. Apparently they’re all the rage right now with optical stores charging so much for glasses. Maybe I’ll get some without prescription lenses and get my Clark Kent look going. I was thinking about these ones. Hell, I’ll probably just print out the PDF and tape it to some cardboard and wear that.

The last and final thing I ran across in my browsing is the “Black Hole” Phone Bag. When your wife is nagging you to pick up the kids, just slip your phone into this little pouch and continue watching the game at the bar with your buddies. I bet you could even hang up on a conversation by sliding the phone in while you’re talking on it. You’ll be back to your game before the person on the line has realized you’ve stop saying, “Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.”