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This is why Android > iPhone OS

Google just announced some official features that will be released on their next version of Android. Versions 2.2 will have, among many other cool features, the ability to turn your phone into a wireless hotspot and Flash support. While all the cool features are impressive, individual features aren’t what make Android better. What makes it better is the development speed. Every software that comes out leapfrogs another piece of software in becoming the leader, but with the Android developing so quickly, there’s little chance for other platforms to keep up. Plus it helps that I don’t have to have Safari and iTunes to use the damn thing.

The iPad? Well that’s a whole other ballgame. We will see what Chrome OS has to offer.

And I support Google

Google just made clear it’s stance on national broadband. I agree with Eric Schmidt and his giant company. Let’s bring our countries infrastructure up to speed and jump start our economy. Maybe then I will get my flying car…

All Power to the Reader

Google has released some awesome features for Google Reader. You can now share feed items right into different social networks, and for those of you that can’t keep up with the daily reading, you now have the option to mark older items as read but not newer ones.

Google isn’t always a default for me, but it often seems that way because their products are so damn good.

I Am Google. Hear Me Voice!

I can see why people go after Google for being a monopoly. They have their hand in everything. In the end they are trying to get people to use their products more so they can sell more ads. Still I’ve been very pleased with most of what Google has released.

Google Voice is no exception. When they bought Grand Central I signed up but couldn’t figure out what they were trying to do with the service. Now I know. Its pretty hard to explain everything that it’s capable of doing, but it gives you a phone manager on steroids. Read about it here.

Google Does It Again.

I have no freaking clue how Google manages to have so many seemingly different software projects come to fruition. I know they share code, but Google has its hand in just about everything now. That’s amazing, considering how long, or short rather, they have been in the game.

Their latest blog announcement is regarding an OS based on Chrome and targeted at netbooks. This is completely separate from Android, which is their mobile phone platform, but is slated to hit netbooks in the near future. Whether or not you think Google creates the best products, they’re pushing the industry to become better.

Happy Birthday, GMail

GMail is five years old now. It seems just like yesterday that my friend at Google gave me an invite to set up a GMail account. I promised I would not sell the invitations I was given when everyone was dying for an account. I could have made a couple thousand bucks if I did. Even without the money, I am glad to have my GMail account. Google has developed this web application into a beast

He’s growns up and he’s growns up and he’s growns up!

A Life Line for the Impulsive

This post is dedicated to all my exes that constantly send me emails using the alcohol-induced dictionary to spell words, all none of you.

GMail has added an awesome feature, Undo Send. This allows you to take back a sent mail that you sent prematurely or didn’t mean to send at all. There are some caveats about this though. It won’t pull back all the email you have sent. Five seconds is all you have to decide hitting the send button was a mistake.

Really this just lets you know if you receive angry emails, the person meant it, because they could have taken it back.

Tough Times Call for Booze

The economy is in a slump. It affects everyone from retail stores, food producers, and even Google. In order to expand its income sources, Google will now be allowing alchohol related terms to AdWords.

Really, Google? It took you this long to do this? I think not allowing these terms goes against their policy of “Do no evil.” Let people have their vices. If kids end up ordering booze online, shame on the parents. That’s their job. Leave it to them. Google, you just continue indexing the world and sending me relevant non-intrusive advertisement.

Google: iCock Blocking

Everyone’s talking about Gmail’s themes, but there are far more exciting features that Google has been working up in their Gmail Labs. One of these features is Mail Goggles. This little feature forces you to answer simple math questions before allowing you to mail in hopes of stopping you from emailing while under the influence. Think of all the regretable emails that will be stopped from entering cyberpsace.

Do you think this will stop stupid people in general from emailing?

Just Call Me Boo Radley

I am a shut-in. I have been working all weekend on a design project for work. In the past thirty-six hours, I have been out of the house for a single hour. The family room has been my domain for 2/3 of that time. I’ve watched movie after movie while working. Combined with what I’ve watched earlier this week while working, the list really adds up.

The original Star Wars Trilogy.
Mission Impossible 1 & 2. I don’t own the third one.
The Wedding Singer.
The Rock.
Family Guy Movie.

I haven’t been alone. Michelle has been by my side for a good amount of the time, the whole while complaining that she is bored, but still by my side in spite of this. I did have to set up the Wii Fit for her to play a couple of times.

The only thing that made this weekend bearable was the fact that I got to stay on my computer the whole time, with my new sticker. Unfortunately as soon as I put it on, I realized I’ll probably be replacing this laptop within a year. Mell, I need another one!