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Food Overload.

Here is a post about food I’ve eaten in the past year that doesn’t demand a post for each individual meal.

Milanesa Napolitana in Argentina.

Breakfast at Home Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Chorizo, cheese, and tomato in Argentina.

Blueberry pancakes at Tavern in Los Angeles.

Pork Belly at Haven Gastropub in Orange.

Burger at Haven.

Ramen at Royal-T.

Chego in Culver City.

Hot dog pastries from 85°C in Irvine.

Grilled cheese at Corkbar in Downtown LA.

Home grilled sausage and a home brew.

Tacos from the Border Grill Truck at Santa Anita Race Track.

Lobsta Roll from the Lobsta Truck.

Fish tacos from Nelson’s at Terranea.

Turkey burger and tater tots from Big Wang’s in Downtown LA.