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Now THAT is a donut.

One of our customers brought donuts for us, and he wasn’t playing around. He brought in the big guns. These treats were from The Donut Man in Glendora, CA. They’re Food Network famous.

Yes, that is a grown adult hand in the picture for size comparison. You can see the long, phallic looking donuts on top with some fruit stuffed donuts on the bottom.

Peach donut, anyone?

How about apple?

These things resemble Mexican Torta desserts more than donuts.

Apple, raisin, and cinnamon live inside this beast.

They even have some fruit cream donuts. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Purple is a fruit.”

I’m not big on sweets. I only had a small bite of one of the phallic donuts (you know me likey), but it was enough for me to recommend this place for anyone looking for a sweet treat. This is a place that I think people who like sweets will enjoy.