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More Real Life Conversations

Michelle: I’m scared to get married.
Me: Why?
Michelle: It means our lives are over.
Me: No, just the good part. Just the good part.

Michelle: Do you think we will have a good life?
Me: *shaking head slowly* Mediocre to fair.

Shared Finances

Me: I’m going to hang out with Tim this weekend.
Michelle: Oh okay.
Me: Yeah, I opened a bank account with him so I also need to sign some papers.
Michelle: What?! How about me?! How come we don’t have a shared bank account?
Me: Uh, Tim’s a banker.
Michelle: Ohhhhhh!
Me: What? You weren’t at all confused as to why I would open a joint banking account with another man? You were more concerned I wasn’t sharing my money with you!

No Control

While at Borders…

Michelle: I thought you might be mad if you found me reading wedding magazines.
Me: <blank stare>
Michelle: So what I’m going to do is read it here next to you so you don’t get surprised.
Me: <blank stare>

Michelle Likes Food

Snacks are her favorite food group. She truly might have a mental breakdown if I presented her with the task below.


Back to the Future

When Michelle was living in Arizona it was sometimes difficult to find a good schedule to talk on the phone. She had to work late sometimes. I had to work late sometimes. Throw an hour time difference for half the year and the schedules got confusing.

I began calling her Future Lady and asking her if she could tell me who won a sports game I was watching so I didn’t have to continue watching. I drew this picture to depict the disparity of our schedules.


Last Supper.


If you follow Michelle on Twitter, you know her wisdom teeth have come out. As a last supper we decided to head to Furaibo on Sawtelle before her dental ordeal. For any of you that are familiar with this portion of West LA, it’s like a clean version of Japan Town. It’s a pretty happening place, popular among UCLA students.

As soon as our friends showed up they realized how starry eyed Michelle was looking. They asked her if it was her first time on Sawtelle, and when they found out it was, they began berating me for not taking her places. Honestly I never thought to bring her out there because it’s nothing too spectacular, just my old college stomping grounds. It’s the same for them too, all having gone to UCLA.







The whole spread, washed down with a couple pitchers of beer.

After dinner everyone continued to make me look bad saying, “What do you want to do next? This is your night in LA. We can get dessert at Beard Papa’s, then we can go Diddy Riese, and finish it up at La Monica’s for late night pizza!” At this point I just gave up. “You can all be Michelle’s boyfriend since you’re so much better at than I am.” They obliged, we got our cream puffs for dessert, and decided to do some crooning at Max Karaoke.


You can’t karaoke without beer the size of your head.






They all fall down.

Fancy Pants

Throughout college I have been to a lot of places in the Los Angeles area simply because I went to UCLA. Some places were just cool hangouts back in the day and others were nice places I’ve tried. Michelle has been telling me that I never take her anywhere. There’s a reason.

Michelle: Whew, that burrito was awesome. *BURP*
Me: That is why we don’t go anywhere nice.


Michelle: I’m so full. I need to unbutton the top button of my pants.
Me: That is why we don’t go anywhere nice.

And just this weekend while perusing the overpriced drink menu at Copa d’Oro…

Michelle (noticing I’m looking at her while she’s talking out loud): This place is too fanc- I mean just my style.

Can’t Kick Your Ass…Even On the Internet

I’ve been writing something every day for about two weeks now and my readership is way up, reaching last week’s peak of sixty seven visitors in one day. That’s not bad for someone that writes about random ideas that float into his head. I was feeling pretty good about it all and then Michelle tweeted this. One nod from michellewoo.com and my daily traffic doubled. I’ve had a website for over eleven years. Two years in the game and she’s already surpassed me ten fold.


I can’t say I’m the cool one in the relationship anymore. I don’t think I ever was, but this concrete proof is just a slap in the face. I’ll just have to resort to being the sexy, smart, funny one. You win some. You lose some.

Riding in Circles

Since I’ve picked up biking, Michelle has wanted to go with me. I fixed her old bike up a bit and we’ve ridden around in circles inside her gated community. I don’t need the scenery for the bike ride, so I’d be glad to do that, except the speed bumps hurt me in special areas.

Today was our first adventure outside on public roads and pathways together. I planned a route through the nearby neighborhoods. The reason we rode around the neighborhood was because we didn’t want to ride on any major thoroughfares. Having only biked along the beach, the hills in the area made for a pretty good workout.

Our 4.5 mile route to nowhere.

Tricked Her Good

I hate writing about sissy things like love and affection, but Michelle has written a piece for Blgher’s campaign for an upcoming movie, Nights in Rodanthe. It is a piece on second chances for love. I think it is designed to embarass me, but the joke is on her. I now have her feeding me grapes while I lie in the hammock in the backyard…or not.

You can check out her post here.