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Boy or Girl?

Michelle and I have a continuous argument about if we were a gay couple, which of us would have to be the opposite sex. Of course she doesn’t want to admit to looking masculine, and I certainly don’t want to look feminine.

This is me as a child. I don’t know the exact year, but it’s in my old house, so I would have to say I am probably four in this picture.

Then I showed this next picture to some of my friends after Michelle prefaced it with, “Want to see Matt in a dress?” One of my friends said, “That’s messed up, Matt. Why would your mom do that to you?”

What the hell? Wouldn’t she assume it was someone that looked like me? Nope. She just assumed my mom grew my hair out, curled it, and put me in a dress. This is my mom as a little girl. Not me.

I repeat. Not me.