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Girl Talk

Last night (and actually into the wee hours of this morning) we got a chance to check out Girl Talk at the Palladium with our friends. If you don’t know who Girl Talk is, I suggest you check the website here. The album is free. I will wait. Do it now.

Ready? Let’s do this blog post! We thought we would be smart and skip some of the opening acts by showing up an hour late, but it didn’t work out so well. Junk Culture was still playing, and they were terrible. You hear men, Junk Culture from Oxford, Mississippi? You suck!

We were hoping Max Tundra would not be the same. Oh my god, this guy did not disappoint. Check out this video of another performance I found online. It’s pretty much the same thing. I so want to book this guy for Michelle’s 30th birthday, or maybe I will just sneak him into my friend’s condo and surprise him.

Then came the main event…

GIRL TALK! GIRL TALK! GIRL TALK! Wasn’t that a board game in the 80’s?

Rocking out to the music in a sea of dancing fools.

It’s so beautiful I want to cry.

I apologize for the sound on this. The S95, while it takes great photos does not handle lots of bass well at all. I tried to turn the bass way down and the treble way up before I compressed it, but it still sounds quite muddled. This is Lean Back mashed up with Guns N’ Roses’ Paradise City.

Those are some huge balls.

Happy New Year!

Near the end of the concert, we got hot and tired so we went upstairs. We were in that crowd. What are we…young?

When it comes down to it, Girl Talk is a guy (yes a guy) that has a great ear for mashing up music. While he looks like a guy in his pajamas on stage that presses a play button, that music still translates very well into sheer energy in concert. It was so great to be in that kind of environment again. It’s been a long time since the days of regular concert going. It makes me feel young again. The old man in me wonders how much of my hearing I lost last night.