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Chili Cookoff

When you have a wedding you have to be prepared to receive gifts that aren’t on your registry. It’s just the way things work. Most of the time it’s stuff that you would love to regift, but you don’t want to wish that sort of pain on even your enemies. (Who wants a wind chime?)

This is a triple slow cooker. It wasn’t on our registry, but I am super excited to own it. I can now have a chili cookoff between me, myself, and I. The reality of things is that this will allow me to cook three meals at the same time and mess up two of the three without making me go hungry.

This is still sitting in the box, so I have no idea if it will even fit on our counter or in any of our cabinets. Maybe I can mount it to our bed so we can satisfy those 3AM chili cravings without having to go all the way to the kitchen.

Christmas Party, Done with One.

The first of the Christmas parties is now over with, and man was it fun, not to mention delicious. Everyone brought something good to eat, and the spread was magnificent. Rather than waste your time with my poor ability to describe things, you can see for yourself.








It really is too bad that no one has written a Firefox extension to allow for smell to travel through the Internet, because this meal was fantastic. Sadly, missing in action from the pictures is the pasta with freshly made sauce, lasagna, curry chicken, roasted asparagus, fried wontons, and bacon-wrapped scallops.

We had three white elephant gift exchanges, one good gift exchange and two crappy-gift exchanges. Not to be confused with gift exchanges that go crappy, the other two were purposely done with crappy gifts. The expressions on people’s face when they receive the bad gifts is just so much fun. Some of the gems were VHS movies, a computer game about parental care, and a giant but empty bottle of Crown Royal. I’m particularly proud of my contribution to the crappy gift pile, a mineral oil enema.

Things could not have been much better for our holiday party, but I have a question.


Why do


people always


leave one


serving in


the dish?

Party number two is up this afternoon. Bring on the crappy gifts!

Behind Schedule

It’s almost one month until my birthday and I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet. Normally I have my birthday planned three months in advance, and the invites go out two and a half months in advance. You have to make sure that no one else can make other plans and weasel their way out of your birthday. Well, while I get to work on what we will do for my birthday, you can all start your shopping.