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Pixel Pushers

On the same night we went to check out the Sanrio Small Gift event, we decided to check out the opening of another exhibit around the corner from our place. Giant Robot and SCION put together an event called Pixel Pushers. It was centered around a SCION that Giant Robot modeled after the Famicom.

Pachinko machines were available for people to play with at the exhibit.

They had a Giant Robot created video game there called Return of the Quack.

Here are some of the super high definition characters from the game.

The plans for designing the Famicom car.

The Giant Robot Famicom car. If you look at the from left headlight, it’s lit up because it’s a projector pushing Return of Quack to a wall in the exhibit.

The car is designed with controllers in place. Did you notice the ignition and the outer door handles are designed after the buttons on the original controllers?

There was some interesting 8-bit art there as well.

I don’t know what the actual name of this piece was, but I like to call it, “Long Live 8-Bit!”

Dissection charts of some of our favorite 8-bit characters.

It was a great way for dads to share their love of video games with their kids.

The back of the car flipped down too with a Wii and second projector, where the exhaust pipe would normally be located.

With all the great new technology coming out surrounding video games, I don’t think 8-bit will ever die. People love the original games and will always create new games in the 8-bit fashion to honor them. I am behind that mentality all the way.