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Whose Baby Is It?

It’s  been about six months since we tried to guess which one of us Maggie looks like. She has stopped looking EXACTLY like Michelle, but I don’t think she really looks very much like me. You decide. Click on the photo for the full size image.


Face Off!

Michelle and I have been trying to solve the mystery of genetics and figure out who Maggie looks like, and today I finally thought I made a breakthrough. I texted my parents a photo telling them, “She looks like me here.” Two hours later I got a single response of, “We don’t think so.”

So then I started digging through old baby photos from our wedding slideshow. This just made things even more confusing.


1. Why the heck did Michelle’s parents dress her like an extra in Little House on the Prarie?
2. Should I check to make sure I’m not related to Michelle?
3. So who does she look like?

Defying Genetics

Sometimes Michelle talks nonsense. I let her go off on her tangents and nod my head with a blank stare. Today, I’m not sure what started her off, but I decided to respond.

Michelle: Do you think we should adopt a Chinese baby?
Me: No, I don’t want a chinese baby. Maybe we can make a blonde one?

It could be a recessive gene, right?