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Little Win. Big Satisfaction.

I think my fuel tank is sixteen gallons. Yesterday I filled up my car at the gas station, and the meter read 15.999 gallons. It made me really happy, like I came out on top for knowing exactly how far I could drive before filling up. Or like the time I prepaid for my tank of gas in a rental car and used every single last drop. It’s these little things in life that make you feel like sometimes you’re winning at life. We need these things to keep us going.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hide some twenty dollar bills in my winter clothes. Once the weather gets cold, I’m going to be a big winner.

No wonder gas prices are so high.

Gas stations are busy paying to fix these things.


Seriously, Microsoft? You can’t even get the displays on the gas stations to work properly. What kind of curve balls are thrown your way on this device? There isn’t even any user input on these things.

Flatulence is not a crime!

I just had to share this news story I ran across today. If the stinkiness of the gas was a measure of how many times you get stabbed, I would have died from loss of blood yesterday.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

I had to rent a car for my business trip. Rental car salesmen are just like Guitar Center salesmen. You just feel slimy after dealing with them. They try to sell you everything. Do you want to upgrade the car? Do you want the extra insurance even though your company covers everything for you? How about a GPS system? Do you want to prepay for a full tank of gas up front so you don’t have to fill it up?

The reality is if you don’t bring your own GPS, it might be quite useful to get one. You won’t like the price, but it’s better than getting lost in an unfamiliar town. Because everything so spaced apart in the Midwest, there don’t have lights everywhere. It’s so hard to find intersections in the middle of the night. On top of that, their street signs are about 1/8th the size of the street signs in California.

The prepaid tank of gas is a tough one. Depending on where you are going, gas stations may be hard to find on the way back. Having to find one before catching your flight is the last thing you want to do. Still, it’s a gamble, because you don’t always know the gas prices around the area. After using my phone to search for the average gas price in the areas I would be traveling, I opted to pay for a full tank of gas up front. It was a good thing too, because gas prices around the airport were fifty cents higher than the average. Still, you can feel cheated paying for a full tank when you might not use the full tank. On this trip I was determined to use every drop I paid for, even if I had to do make donuts in the cornfields for half an hour.

Gas light on! Mission accomplished. Satisfaction acheived.