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Avatar among us

I did this after one of my friends gave me the idea. It was done at work, which is no easy feat because my monitor faces the rest of the office. I might as well have done this one in Paint.

This is what happens when you take the Na’vi from Pandora and try to assimilate them into our culture.

Christmas is the time for giving (junk)

It has now become a tradition for our friends to get together for Christmas to share a meal together and do a gift exchange, but we also have a tradition that’s a little more fun. We throw in one more gift exchange, but we make them junk gifts. The only requirement for the gift is that it has to be something you don’t want. That makes it quite open ended and the creativity makes it quite fun.

This is not a junk gift. This was my contribution to the meal. A bacon-wrapped smoked pork loin. I know how to perfect it next time. More bacon.

Look who got the Internet Urinal!

This man is actually a doctor. Would you let him operate on you?

Someone brought a tape player with an actual tape and took the time to put in new batteries.

2009 calendar! Totally not junk. There’s still three more days to use it.

At least Michelle got rid of her disastrous snow globes.

Our friends made the announcement about their engagement. Here the girls are swarming to hear the story. The guys are debating whether to go the moon or Mars for the bachelor party.

Archery in Wii Resort. Such concentration!

She kept laughing and couldn’t hold still. If this were a real bow and arrow, she would have shot someone.

I’m glad to have the friends I do, many of them since junior high. I’m even more glad to know that we’re all still friends despite all the crappy gifts that got passed around and the laughs we share at each others expense.

Another Delicious Weekend

I went three for three on going out for this past weekend. That is pretty good for me. Normally one of my days is reserved for nothing. Nothing is important after getting my ass kicked all week.

Friday I got to have dinner with Michelle and my Cousin Trevor. He picked Sake House Miro on Miracle Mile for us to meet up. The sushi was pretty good. Also the Butter Fish isn’t shown here, but it is awesome. They must get fish to adapt to swim and live in vats of butter.

This is no optical illusion. The beer is the size of Michelle’s head.

There are lots of other things on the menu, which don’t seem to fit. I ordered the Garlic and Naan Pizza because it seemed so out of place on the menu. It was actually pretty good.

Saturday was a Christmas party for Michelle and her dorm friends. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it was a pajama party.

This is one of my weaknesses. I always forget what these are called, but they are awesome.

Some of the people had too much fun and took the theme a little too seriously.

Sunday I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of food loving Internet nerds (and I mean that in the best way possible) for a meal at Shu Feng Yuan in San Gabriel. I am by no means a foodie, but I do love food, just not in the same way that these people do. I have a much simpler understanding of food, but I’d like to think my enjoyment of the food is as great even if my ability to describe it is not up to par.

I have no idea which dish is which, but you have lamb, brazed pork, various noodles, sea cucumber, chicken soup, kidney, intestines, pork blood, pig ears, frog legs, and diced rabbit.  Can you guess which dish is the least spicy? It’s the least red one. I enjoyed this meal thoroughly and enjoyed the company just as much.

I saw Avatar this weekend. Stay tuned for that.

Thanksgiving Weekend = Gorging

I don’t know what it is about the Thanksgiving, but it’s an automatic excuse to eat until our pants explode. This year was no different but the eating wasn’t confined to Thanksgiving day.

2009-11-25 18.20.01

Wednesday night’s dinner was Otafuku Noodle House in Gardena. This is the shrimp and scallop tempura udon. Delicious.


Pear, cranberries, and walnuts over mixed greens. I thought this was a piece of chicken when it was set at the table and was wondering how long they were going to let the chicken sit out. Unfortunately this was the only picture I have of Thanksgiving dinner. I put my camera under my seat and forgot to take pictures during the meal, but there was ham, turkey, duck, cream corn, sticky rice, green beans, fresh baked bread with honey butter, and  multiple pies.

2009-11-27 19.33.31

Sounds odd, huh? I was even more intrigued when the Japanese waitress spoke perfect Spanish. She was actually from Peru.

2009-11-27 19.47.51

Peruvian style sushi for an appetizer. Delicious.

2009-11-27 19.58.53

This is a simple chicken and rice dish, but toss in their wasabi mayonnaise sauce and it’s awesome.

2009-11-27 19.58.44

Mariscos. Tan deliciosos.


Mac and Cheese at Bar Food in West LA.


The burger is pretty good here with the Guinness ketchup. Sweet potato fries and calamari are great snacks as well.

I am stuffed.

Kids at Heart

Just so you don’t think all I did in New York was eat and drink (although nothing wrong with that), here is a short clip of us in the subway station. They were doing construction so you could hear the jack-hammering. Like any grown adult, some of us decided to make machine gun motions.

The rest of the New York pictures can be viewed here.

First Full Day in NYC

Our goal in New York was to eat, and boy did we eat. We were walking to Momofuku Noodle Bar on Thursday when Cindy finally popped online and said, “Go to Ippudo instead! Get the pork buns!”


Michelle, opening the curtains to a wonderful meal.


These are the pork buns. They’re probably the best thing I ate the whole trip, and I ate a lot of good stuff. After this meal Michelle said, “I trust anything Cindy recommends.”


The ramen is delicious too.


Michelle has no time to talk. She’s eating.


Angelinos wandering around New  York.


I don’t eat dessert really, but a trip here is generally a must for some sweets.


Frozen hot chocolate.


Under the fudge and whipped cream is ice cream and chocolate cake.


After eating desserts there, we thought we wouldn’t be able to eat again, but we powered through.


Mmm, delicious shrimp.


Swordfish. Om nom nom nom.


Lamb. Not the least bit gamy at all.


Short ribs that were perfectly tender.


We found ourselves throwing down some great beers after dinner at The Pony Bar per Cindy’s recommendation. The last thing we did was grab chicken and rice from a food cart. If I was drunk it would have been awesome. It was mediocre after only four beers.

New York Preview

Although these two pictures have nothing to do with any underlying theme of our trip, this is just to keep you interested in a post about New York. Stay tuned for more misadventures of Michelle and me.


Virgin America runs Linux. I wasn’t hacking. It crashes when you try to play Doom.


It wasn’t that cold. Our friend decided to embarrass us by wearing his Fargo hat everywhere, including inside.

Well if that didn’t get you excited about a post to come, I don’t know what will. I don’t know what will.

Halloween Weekend

I missed Halloween last year, because I had too much work and needed to rest. This year threatened to be the same story with a different year. I was even too tired to hand out candy, but sadly and fortunately not a single kid came by the house. I didn’t even hear a single “trick or treat” shouted. One of my friends must have put me on the sex offenders website as a prank…yes, a prank.

A last minute, game-time call and some crappy costume making put us on our way to Melody Bar & Grill. This place is a lot of fun, karaoke on Mondays, but the best part is the food. It’s not what you’d expect from a bar, but the chicken sliders are killer. I’m drooling just thinking about them.


It’s the first Halloween Michelle and I did a costume together.


Herr Drosselmeyer, Pedophile Scoutmaster, Greasy Mullet 80’s Rocker, King Awesome.


This mustache smells like rare steak and tripe!

Me: Michelle, we’re home. Make sure you take your costume out of the car.
Michelle: Okay.


I found this on the floor of my bedroom.


This was in the entryway of the house.


This was hanging from the inside of the door.

IMG_6345And this was outside.

Wedding Exhaustion


Friday night was the first wedding of three in October for Michelle and myself. It gives us the opportunity to see what other people have planned for their own special days and let us get a feel for what we like.

The next morning we rolled out of bed earlier than normal to catch brunch with some friends that haven’t seen Michelle since our engagement. The food was delicious and the company of friends is always enjoyable..




This french toast is their most popular dish, and the consensus around the table was that it was delicious.

After brunch Michelle and I started our search for the venue for The Funnest Wedding Ever. That’s what I’m calling our wedding. I’m still working out the details, but I think balloon animals and a cotton candy maker are in order.


This was the area around one of the venues we saw. Veto by reason of ghetto!


This was offered to us for preparation if we booked another venue we stopped to see. I get top bunk!

After seeing venues we went to dinner for Fred’s birthday and out to Crocker Club for some drinks. We took off after Michelle got dizzy. It was probably dehydration and a long day of running around. Of course some of my friends said she just realized she was going to marry me and got sick. Can’t it be both?


House warming on Sunday. Friends are all grown up now.

Another Weekend Gone

Although my wallet hasn’t stopped bleeding money, I continue to go out to eat and drink with friends. The verdict? Totally worth it.


This was part of a year end work dinner we had for our employees. It was a way to celebrate even though it’s been a tough year, and also spread some culture to the employees. There was actually a request to remove the heads from the chicken plates so the employees wouldn’t be grossed out, but Chinese restaurants never listen. When they say you get a whole chicken, you get a whole chicken.


Sunday was the Lobster Festival in Redondo Beach, complete with a wake boarding competition in the lagoon.


Darn. That lobster makes the ring look tiny. We’re eating shrimp from here on out.

They even had some live entertainment in the form of the Fab Four. Did I just find a wedding band?