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Moderation is for losers.

Saturday morning I got a call from my cousin. He said he was in my area and wanted to know if I wanted to get brunch. Knowing that my cousin is twenty five and that twenty five year olds like booze, I took him to Overland Cafe for the all-you-can-drink champagne brunch.

This was my meal. Nothing fancy here. Meat and potatoes.

Crab Cakes Benedict.

Instead of an English Muffin you have a crab cake! I’m allergic, but I was tempted to try this. Would that be ultimate food blogger dedication? It’s not like I’d die.

I’ve got to say this was not one of my smarter ideas. My cousin loved it though. About three bottles in he said, “We should have a family reunion and drink together.” Sounds fun, huh? Except no one in our family drinks.

After brunch I took a nap until about 6:30 PM. I was supposed to be at dinner at that time, but fortunately for me my ride was running late. It’s a good thing I had a ride too, because I was drunk when I woke up from my nap. For dinner we went to Cuban Bistro, probably the only non Asian joint in Alhambra.  Why would we check out a place like this in an area known for its Asian eats? Well we needed a place that was walking distance to Ultrazone Laser Tag, but the birthday boy is afraid of Asian food that does not have the words Panda and Express in the restaurant name. The restaurant chosen was really good nonetheless.

Masitas del Puerco. The skin on the pork was fried so perfectly and the inside was tender, juicy, and had a big kick of citrus flavor. Couple that with the plaintains and Arroz Moros. I could eat this all day.

After a meal like this there’s nothing left to do but run around with a laser gun and shoot your friends. If you’ve had excessive amounts of alcohol, you might also take a random kid hostage in the arena and film a ransom movie on your iPhone 4.

Weekend without Michelle

The last time Michelle went away for the weekend, I could have summed up my time with one phrase. No pants. This weekend, however, was a lot more productive and a lot more clothed.

I woke up early Saturday and fired of some emails and then went out to brunch with a friend. A prize to whoever guesses where we had brunch. This is bottle one of two. That means one for each of us.

Corned beef hash.

Machaca con Huevos.

After brunch I was supposed to run a bunch of errands, but a bottle of champagne will make you sleepy. So I spent the afternoon resting before the wedding I had to attend. If there were two things to remember from this wedding, these are those things.

People love desserts. Not me, but people.

Steven Spielberg was there…or was he?

Sunday was going to be the day that I relaxed, but because I had the champagne brunch fiasco, I still had errands to run. I ran all around town for a good part of the morning, stopping into lunch at Mitsuwa only to find out I only had two dollars in my wallet. Fortunately one of the places takes credit card. I still wish I had cash to get my Santouka Ramen. For dinner one of my friends graciously invited me and a couple other friends to use up some of his balance at Rolling Hills Country Club for dinner.

New York Steak. Risotto. Mac n’ Cheese. I could not finish this, and so I have an awesome lunch for tomorrow.

The salmon, which also looked pretty darn good.

Still the best surprise was after dinner. We decided to take a walk around the grounds to gain some breathing room. As we walked past the golf cart return one of the employees said there weren’t too many people on the course, so we could take the carts out and just drive around. How can you pass up an offer like that? It was like being in high school with our first cars all over again, exciting and new.

Remember when the first of your friends got a car, and everyone rode in it?

As more friends got their cars, you would get them together and pose with them. So proud.

Then you used your car to get dates, because what good is a car if it can’t get you some action?

This is the ultimate high school destination, Make Out Point. Unfortunately for us there was one girl and four guys, so it wasn’t where boys become men. It was just where things got awkward.

I need to find more places to eat.

It’s great to be able to walk into Downtown Culver City to grab a bite to eat, but you can only eat so many times at the handful of restaurants there. It gets even harder to pick a place when Michelle is off on her own plans. I can’t fly solo at some of these places. They’re not “soup for one” types of restaurants.

Fortunately I have Spencer and Vivian. They’re like the parents now that I’m not living with mine. They knew I was without Michelle for the night and invited me out to dinner. So I rode in the back seat, listened to them talk to each other about their days and make references to people I don’t know. Meanwhile I repeatedly kicked the seat and continually asked, “Are we there yet?” It’s just like having parents again. The only thing they didn’t do was pay for my dinner. Maybe next time.

Sunnin Lebanese Cafe. The combo kebab meal. The meats are not dry like most kebabs I have had, and there’s plenty for leftovers for lunch today.

Another Weekend of Eating and Drinking Too Much

This weekend was a weekend full of fun, possibly regrettable decisions. I think I need some help with my self control. Friday my friends came over after work for happy hour. We were going to do it up big.

We started at Gyenari, where we got the tower of beer that screams, “Look at us. We are douchebags drinking beer!”

Afterward we decided to grab a couple of slices with some more beer at LaRocca’s Pizza.

With Korean and Italian cuisine represented already, we decided to hit up Tacos el Gallito and add Mexico to the mix.

Since Father’s Office is in between home and the taco truck, we decided to do it up right and stop there too.

Keep in mind this was all done before 9:30 PM. As I passed out in the middle of our furniture-less living room, I vowed never to eat or drink again…until the next time. Unfortunately for me, the next time was the next day.

I got to be a part of a special day for a very good friend of mine. Congrats, Tyson and Angie!

So like any good friend would do, I celebrated. A bread basket did catch on fire at my table, but that was a good two feet away from me. Couldn’t have been my fault.

Wedding Weekend: 1 of 843,394 this year.

Let’s start this post off with what I know best, eating.

I never knew I liked Taiwanese food so much until I went to Taiwan two years ago. Sue’s Kitchen in Torrance has saved me from multiple cravings. We always order the beef noodle soup here too, but we’re probably the only ones ordering in English.

Saturday was the first wedding of many this year. Although Michelle is the one that knows them from college, JP and Jenn are two of the nicest people I’ve met. I couldn’t be happier for them.

They also happen to be great dancers, both in the dance troop, Kaba Modern. JP was the troop leader.

We’re not next. There are five or so weddings in between.

Since guys don’t want to read about weddings, here’s some eye candy.

We asked the wait staff if the flower was edible. They said no, but the petal I tried tasted okay to me.

There was not meat choice give. It was chicken for everyone, because they wanted to have the open bar. They made the right choice.

Chocolate covered strawberries…and Scotch.

Michelle’s friend made these for the wedding. I don’t eat dessert and I loved it.

In typical wedding fashion with Michelle’s friends, dancing occurred, shirts were removed, and nipples were sighted. Good times!

We’re doing happy hour wrong.

Michelle and I now have the keys to our apartment. We also found out that one of Michelle’s high school friends lives right around the corner from us. (This is where I would have linked to your blog if you had one, so get one so we can blog our Culver City adventures together.) Her husband is ecstatic, because now she has someone to watch chick flicks with, and he can watch sports and drink beer in his underwear with me.

To celebrate having neighbors that won’t judge us because we know their secrets too, we went to happy hour. Since it was already getting along in the evening we decided just to stop at Gyenari. Their happy hour runs until 7:30 PM.

Kimchee Fried Rice. Pretty tasty, but I don’t know how you would really mess up this dish.

The wings. These are a bit sweet for my tastes.

What isn’t shown are the Bulgogi Sliders, the Japanese Curry Crabcake Sliders, the Korean Taco Trio, and the beers and wine. Happy hour is supposed to be cheap, but it doesn’t quite work out when we eat every item on the menu. Maybe we should just eat or drink and not both. I might opt for the liquid diet. Is that bad? It’s the only way to save money and have a good time!

I am a pig, possibly with mono.

Two words can sum up this past weekend. Eating and sleeping.

Friday night Michelle were looking for some Korean BBQ, but the place we’ve been to a couple of times was closed. We went to a local joint that serves Korean bar food. We were looking for something spicy and this did it. After dinner I was passed out by 10:00PM.

Saturday morning we woke up early to head to the LA Street Food Festival. The place was a mad house.

Wrong. It was a long ass line.

Once inside there were more lines. It reminded me of the lines to use the bathrooms at Coachella. Insanity. The first thing we got to eat was Panang Curry from the Yum Yum Bowls truck, because the line was the shortest. The rest of the time we spent in long lines, feeding each other as we got food from one line or the next.

Qzilla BBQ was probably one of the best deals, $5 for a sampler. They were delicious.

Fries from the Frysmith truck. Kim Chi, Rajas, Chili Cheese, Chicken and Sweet Potato, and a special Foie Gras Mousse.

Fried Chicken from Ludo Bites truck. My cousin Trevor got in this line as soon as he got into the event, and it was the last thing we got to eat. Delicious, but worth three and a half hours of wait? No way.

I’m pretty sure they had no liquor license as beers were done as donation only.

For those of you that couldn’t get into the event, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t worth it. I know the organizers were caught off guard by the popularity of the event since this was the first time, but even with a bigger venue I still wouldn’t recommend attending this. What they need to do is create night markets like they have in Taiwan.

After the food fair we decided to hit up Mr. Churro on Olvera Street for some custard filled churros before heading straight to Chinese New Year dinner. We thought we wouldn’t be able to eat anything, but we did surprisingly well for having eaten all day. We were exhausted from standing in the sun all day so we crashed by 9:00 PM, sleeping until 9:30 AM.

Michelle insists she has mono. I certainly don’t. Who has she been kissing?!

The Bachelor Party Has Begun!

Friday I got to meet up with all my groomsmen for dinner. The plan was to discuss what we’re doing for my bachelor party, but it was also an excuse just to grab some food and beers. It’s a good thing we didn’t make this a critical meeting for deciding what to do for the party, because we got nothing done. So far they’ve decided to either to ride bikes with baskets and streamers on the handles or kill a hooker. Uh, yeah.

Why can’t we do both?

Here comes the sun.

Saturday we went up to Hollywood for Annie’s 30th birthday party. Michelle kept saying, “Don’t get too close or you’ll catch it! Then we’ll all be thirty!” We’re all getting old, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel young at heart and in our activities.

We had a picnic party! Who would have thought it rained and hailed for six days straight before this?

We gorged ourselves on delicious foods and after playing badminton, croquet, and other rich people games we decided we needed to eat more and  headed to Ondal 2 for some Korean food.

I picked the best seat. With people running late these were all mine.

Holy Mackerel! Vegetable pancake in the background.

Seafood pancake.

Unfortunately I can’t eat this one, because I’m allergic to crab.

This one I can eat. Short ribs in a spicy broth that is just awesome. It’s got heat but you can taste all the other flavors in the broth.

Doesn’t that look awesome?

After all the crab was gone, one of the servers tossed some hand made noodles into the broth for round two.

Not to be outdone, another server made some fried rice with the beef broth. This was awesome.

Those Koreans are so resourceful, taking two dishes that would have been otherwise considered finished, turning them into two completely new dishes. I bet a pack of Koreans could live for three weeks on my food waste alone.

This is NOT the way to start a new year.

Poor choices on New Year’s Eve lead to a bad start to the new year. That’s really all you need to know, but for those of you that like to see me in embarrassing moments, read on please.

Dinner was at Jitlada in Thai Town. For those of you unfamiliar with Jitlada, the best stuff on the menu is the back page, which is known to be incredibly spicy. It’s good but not really the kind of meal you enjoy before a night out on the town. It’s normally safer to enjoy a meal here and then speed a night close to a toilet.

Fortunately for us the pain we experienced was only during the meal and it was on the inlet side of the body. It hurts so good.

After dinner we went back to Annie’s place to have a few drinks. Then the really bad decisions started as we headed out to the bar.

I think it was no more than a fifteen minute walk to the bar, but by the halfway point I put down three beers. There would have been a fourth, but halfway through it I realized I was too full. Here Michelle and I stop to pose.

As you can see by my facial expression, I am already having too much fun. Yet I keep drinking. You won’t see me  in the rest of the pictures with my friends at the bar, because I decided to make new friends and hang out with them.

On the walk home, I decided to take a rest on this couch. I’m sure it was filthy.

This picture isn’t to point out that someone else had too much fun. This is just to point out that Annie had a poster of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Why?

Michelle gets all the blog love.

I don’t remember this, but I tried to feed soda to Fred. Based on pictures he was not happy. Probably like waking a hibernating bear.

I spent the rest of the night in the kitchen, wedged next to the fridge.

Then my friends drew on my face. I’m talking hands free! My only complaint is that they did this AFTER they drew on my other friend’s foot WITH THE SAME MARKER!

This is the good knee. I have random bruises on my arms and I feel like I pulled my lats. I also looked at my jacket and thought I had blood all over it, but I was later informed that Michelle used me as a napkin. Thanks to all my friends that stuck by me so that these were the limitations to my injuries.

The rest of the year can only be better. Bring it on 2010!