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Going to Miss this City…Tavern

City Brew has opened up in Culver City! Huzzah! Too bad I’ll be moving out in a few weeks. *sad trombone*

There are taps at the tables! And computers!

A computer that tells you what you had to drink! I wonder what OS it runs.

Pouring your own beer has never been so much fun!

The Brew Burger.

Grilled Cheese.

Pork Belly.

Cheesy Poofs. Cartman would love these.

NY Strip Steak.

Cooked medium rare.

Mushrooms. Taste the butter.

Chocolate Tart.

The food here is decent, but I don’t think it’s a place that I would come back just to have the food. It’s definitely catering to the trend in LA spots that you’re not quite sure whether they are more bar or more restaurant.

Unfortunately for us, it became more restaurant pretty quickly. I guess they were still working out some kinks in their tap software. All the taps at the tables broke for about an hour, while they were debugging the software.

Fortunately there was plenty of beer to order at the bar.

It runs openSUSE! I’ll have to jump on this thing and LICQ bomb people.

If you can understand this, you haven’t had enough to drink.

Aww, we drank all our beer.

City Tavern is a nice joint that’s got a good thing going for it. LA is so enamored with the craft beer thing, and City Tavern is going to capitalize on that. Craft beer is something I enjoy, but the question always remains. What do I play beer pong and flip cup with then?

Movie Overload

Have you ever watched nine movies at the same time? I can now say that I have indeed watched nine movies at the same time. Names the movies…and go!

Sometimes though, all you need is one good movie.

Some Random Holiday Photos

Here are some photos from the holidays this year.

There was beer pong.

There was also flip cup.

The losers got spankings.

The crappy gift exchange brought out 20 lbs. of taco sauce.

It also brought out a lot of light sabers.

There was time with the cousins.

We even threw a Hannah  Montana themed party for a very special person.

And there she is.

I saw UCLA lose to Washington. Got a great program with good years ahead.

I learned that nuns really like boba.

I don’t have any pictures from New Year’s Eve that don’t have someone looking a little drunk, passed out, or just raging. Those pictures will remain under wraps. I personally behaved this year, unlike some other years past.

This is why you’re fat. Holiday photo edition.

I made the mistake of stepping onto a scale during the holidays at my cousin’s house. It’s the first scale that I’ve stepped on in nine months or so. I’ve only gained half of the weight I lost for the wedding. All I need is another wedding to get myself back into shape. Here are some of the things I’ve eaten in the past two weeks.

It’s okay. He’s been training on a cruise ship for this type of eating.

And who could forget all the holiday drinking. At least it was light beer, right?

A break from Argentina for some booze.

Here is a little break from all the Argentina posts to give you a taste of something a little different. About a month ago my buddy Raaj and I started a magical journey together. We started brewing a batch of beer together. Last Thursday we finished up the last step before drinking. Now we wait. In a short three weeks, we will be getting buzzed off our own creation.

Sterilized bottles, ready to be filled.

Mixing in the sugar to make sure carbonation is created in the bottle as well as a little more alcohol.

Filling the bottles.

Capping the bottles.

This is what a new father must look like, so proud.

Raaj lives around the corner from me. Our wives are high school friends. When the wives are out, Harold and Kumar come out to play. We thought it would be fitting to call our beer, Castillo Blanco, but we’re going to pronounce it like the Argentinians (cah-stee-show blawn-coe). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Spanish that’s White Castle.

Another One Bites the Dust

I went away for the weekend in San Diego for a bachelor party. Pictures are few and far between, as they should be during events such as these. I do have a few highlights from the trip to share though.

This was already in the fridge when we showed up.

This was the backup beer.

I tried to greet the bachelor in the morning with some breakfast in bed. He was not having it.

A terrible tradition that started at my own bachelor party, but here in the states they have 40’s so you don’t get whiskey taped to your hands instead.

We all had a blast. Congratulations to the bachelor, a real trooper.

Told we had something special planned.

Michelle has been asking me not to post too much about our wedding, because she wanted to save it for this. We’re on Style Me Pretty! Did I get too excited there? I actually have never been to that website (story I’m sticking with), but I hear it’s a big deal. That means Michelle is a big deal, and as her plus one, I am a big deal. I like being a big deal.

Check out some of the photos from our wedding. All photos are by our awesome wedding photographer, Raya, unless otherwise noted.

Our first look. Michelle’s first words to me were, “I’m so glad you showed up.”

Guys I have known for way too long.

The gorgeous bride with her bridesmaids.

Being married under Hometree. Apologies to the bridesmaids and groomsmen on the ends. Fisheye lenses are not flattering there. On the up side, look how great Michelle and I look. Photo by David C. Lee.

Our wedding coordinators at Bash Eco Events put together Michelle’s image beautifully. People were calling it, “The Best 6 -Year-Old Birthday Party Ever.”

Photo byDavid C. Lee.


Yeah, we even brought in Coolhaus. Our friends, who don’t live in the LA area are still talking about the truck.

And of course there was dancing. A few wine bottles made it onto the dance floor, which meant even more fun.

So a big thanks to all the friends and family that were able to make this day so special. We had awesome vendors to make it all come together. I’m glad I can finally put the whole wedding behind me and just an old, married man.

Photo Booth Madness

One of the things I love is capturing memories in images. So it was an absolute must for us to have a photo booth of some sort at our wedding. After looking at all the other costs, I didn’t want to pay for a photo booth rental. Instead I took my dSLR and hooked it up to my laptop to preview the photos as they were taken.

Here is the backdrop of our photo booth, ivy intertwined with pom poms and twirly whirlies.

There were plenty of fun props to play with for the photos.

It was also nice to have a non traditional photo booth, because you can cram more people into the frame.

Some people started getting amorous.

Most of the people just had a good time being silly.

Even some of our older friends and relatives got in on the fun.

This is super impressive timing to get all four of them in the air like this.

A fight did break out over people hogging the camera time.

Some people were naturals when it came to photos. It’s like art.

There was even a light saber battle or two that night.

Michelle’s family loved the photo booth.

Cheese! Is this thing working? There we go!

I’m high on life.

Making love to the camera.

Everyone enjoyed it until the very end of the night.

I was super happy about the way the photo booth turned out on my first try. I’d love to set this up for some other event some time. If anyone has an occasion, give me a holler. I’m much less expensive than those other guys and probably the best looking photo booth operator you’ll find out there. For now, please enjoy the some more of our photos on our wedding website.

Oh, no he didn’t!

Oh, yes I did. I am a married man now.

While my contract with Michelle won’t allow me to release all the details of the wedding yet, you can find plenty of the unofficial wedding photos online. There are no less than 2,000 photos floating around the Internet from our wedding. I’ve never seen so many cameras at an event. I went blind at one point from all the flashes going off.

So what am I allowed to show you? I guess the rehearsal dinner is okay to post. We went to Back on the Beach for our rehearsal dinner since it was close by our wedding venue.

It’s a salad. Refreshing but still a salad.

My out of focus Steak Frites.

South of the border.

I didn’t actually taste the tacos, so I had nothing to say about them. The steak was okay but not worth a trip to the restaurant just to try it. This pasta was great. The sauce was creamy and spicy and each bite was as satisfying as the previous.

Of course it wasn’t all about the food. It was a time to recognize the people close to us. Here are the groomsmen and me with their gifts. Welcome to The Dark Side.

I guess the diet is over.

Wedding diet has been officially ended but for good reason. It was Jenny’s birthday. So what if we were two days away from the big day. If we didn’t get out we would probably have been sitting at home worrying about things. We took one of our few and far between trips to Orange Couny to Memphis in Costa Mesa. The best part is that we got down there during happy hour so we enjoyed a variety of good eats.

Corn bread. I didn’t try this because the whole dish is bread. I was still trying to stick to the diet in principle.

I did mention it was happy hour, right?

I didn’t try this either, because in a cruel twist of fate, I became allergic to crab in junior high.

Muscles and clams mixed in with some sausage, all in a white wine-tomato broth. This is where the diet broke down. The broth was too tempting not to have soaked in bread.

Pulled pork sliders.

Pizza with tomato and andouille sausage.

Sweet potato fries. I still don’t get the attraction to these that people have. I like my fries salty.

Meat loaf sandwich. Mostly bread though.


Although it was Jenny’s birthday, she tried to pass off some of her gifts to Alice. Cougar Soap! 60% of the time, it works all of the time!

The birthday girl with her birthday cake, complete with baseball topper.

I like this place and looking at the website shows there’s one in Manhattan Beach too. If their happy hour is the same, I’d definitely go back to try some more bites, drinks, and even an entrée.