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Second Round of Michelle’s Birthday Eats

Michelle’s been pretty busy with her new job and trying to balance her schedule, so we weren’t even going to have dinner together. Fortunately she got to finish up and come home earlier than she thought, so I made her some dinner. That’s really not picture worthy though, so instead we will go on to last night’s dinner with some friends at Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale in Costa Mesa.

I enjoy a good fry, and they cook up some nice fries here.

Their Kobe Sliders are well put together as well. They don’t try to get too fancy with sauces or glazes. It’s just a good piece of meat.

Bacon wrapped dates with bleu cheese.

Mussels. It tastes like the ocean in a good way, not the BP oil spill way.

Sweet bread. Doesn’t look like bread? Google it.

Pork belly.

Ice cream and something.

Happy birthday, Michelle! Creme Brulee in vanilla, salted caramel, and tres leches.

8 oz. Burger Bar

If it wasn’t for these daily coupon websites, Michelle and I would be poor. Even worse, we would have to probably eat our own cooking. Our last trip took us to 8 oz. Burger Bar.

They have more than just burgers. They have wings. These are not good wings.

Yeah, we ate them anyway.

Garlic fries. These were good. Crisp on the outside. Plenty of garlic.

It’s hard to see the patty, but this is the Three Little Pigs burger. It’s delicious, but I prefer Umami Burger’s Triple Pork Burger.

The 8 oz. burger. I wish I’d done a little thinking and realized that this is half a pound. That’s a good sized burger, and because it was delicious I forced myself to eat the whole thing.

I need to stop blogging about food two weeks after I eat it. I can’t remember much about the food, except whether I liked it or not. I guess I’ll have to take another trip back here, because I do remember liking it, but I cannot tell you why. Next time I promise the writeup will be better.

Hop in my DeLorean. We’re going to Umami Burger.

I’ve never been one that needed to be up to speed with the latest trends. It’s no different when it comes to new food joints. I’ve been hearing about Umami Burger for the longest time. I was in no rush to check it out. I knew I would get to it eventually. That day has come.

Next time the Manly Burger and Port & Stilton Burger are on my target list, but I’ll have to get more fuel for the Flux Capacitor.

I have not had a soda of any kind in over four months, but when I saw that they had Mexican Coke on their menu I thought, “Why not?” Michelle and I split one bottle, and it was refreshing. It went down smooth and sweet with no chemical tartness in the aftertaste that I was so used to from sodas. This doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking soda again, but this was a welcome treat.

They call these their Thin Fries. I’m sure it’s relative compared to their Hand Cut Fries, but when dealing with french fries the word thin should be reserved for shoestring fries. These fries are of standard thickness. Despite my confusion over french fry girth, I was pleased by the order. They were fried nicely leaving no soggy fries and without making a thick potato chip out of any of them either.

I started with this burger. This is the Umami Burger. It’s delicious but not a flavor that I expect or want in a burger. Take away the bun and toss it over a bed of noodles. Just because it can be done in the kitchen doesn’t mean it should.

Second on the tasting was the Hatch Burger. This has a more typical burger taste to it with a nice bit of heat from the green chiles.

Finally was the Triple Pork Burger. Michelle wants everyone to know that this one was her favorite.* Upon biting into this one my brain thought, “There’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s cooking bacon.” Seriously, flavor explosion. I don’t know if I have some sort of taste bud disorder, but after a couple bites it was too much for me. In the same way I think Chego is overkill, this made my mouth want to tap out. I think subtlety has its place in the food world.

*After Michelle insisted I tell everyone how much she liked the Triple Pork Burger I told her, “You have your own blog and Twitter. You tell them.” Her response was, “Umami is too local. I cater to a more global audience.” I’m marrying an international super-blogger.

We’re a family.

This weekend Michelle and I were looking for places to live around Culver City. We stopped for lunch at Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken, and we ordered the family meal, just the two of us.

Does anyone else want to join our family? It’s delicious.