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Perks of the Industry

People in the entertainment industry get to meet celebrities and go to big Hollywood events and get free DVDs. People in the record industry get to go to concerts and grab free CDs. What do I get? Well, I can do anything plumbing related pretty inexpensively, but there’s much better things than that. We work with a lot of food companies, and when you get them out of a bind, they reward you with product.

Pink: Breakfast Burrito. Blue: Special Burrito. Purple: Taco Snack. There are no ingredients listed on any of these. I assume they’re supposed to be on the box they’re normally packaged in, but the package also notes among other things, “Do not unfreeze. Do not microwave.” What the hell?

I’ve had better luck with some other companies. The popsicle place around the corner was also kind enough to give us some snacks when we helped them out of a jam in their process. Then there is the company that makes cream sodas and root beer. Those are really good. I shared some with some friends. The beer plants don’t hand out freebies unfortunately.