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Proud Parenting Moment #1

Michelle: Oh my god! What’s that in her ear?
Me: Is that a blood clot?
*Starts to gently clean out with cotton swab*
Michelle: Is that a chocolate chip?
Me: Yeah, I think so.

We’ve both been eating chocolate chip cookies recently, so we’re not sure who to blame for this one. We’ll let you decide which one of us did it. The good news is the baby is fine, and none of our clothes are stained with chocolate.

Greed is Tasty

I haven’t eaten dinner two nights in a row. The past two days, work took care of our lunches, because we had training and meetings during the lunch hour. Instead of taking it easy, I crammed my gullet with food to the point where I could barely breathe. Why? Because it’s free.

It reminds me of my days in college when I would sign up for credit cards to get free CD cases just because I could. There’s something innate in people that makes them want to get their hands on as much as they can, whether or not they actually need it. It’s a survival instinct to store up, just in case.

If work is buying, I’m eating…a lot.

Dining Adventures

Michelle and I have decided we want to do more things together, one of them being trying new restaurants. We don’t want to just try new restaurants, but we want to try new restaurants with foods we may not have tried before. This weekend the arrow landed on Gaja Moc. They are famous for their Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake made from anything and everything. It’s a nice departure from the standard sushi and udon. You also have the choice to cook in front of you if you’d like.

Spam and Cheese Okonomiyaki. We decided to cook this one ourselves.

Michelle, cooking up the goods.

Not looking so great. Spam probably should have gone in the mix by the time.

Spicy Cod Roe, Mochi & Cheese. What it’s supposed to look like.

Okonomiyaki is nothing special, just a mix mash of ingredients fried up together, and the multiple combinations muddle the individual tastes. Although the chef’s presentation was much nicer, the taste was little different. I’m not a fan of Okonomiyaki, and I will not be trying it again for some time. I wouldn’t mind going back to try some other things. Their menu had some interesting items, definitely worth a second look.

Girls Used to Push Me, Now They Want Sushi

Look at what Michelle got for us. We are in possession of these.

Yes, we will be taking many trips to Ra Sushi, the second coolest hangout in Torrance. It beat out Killian’s and Iccho and is only surpassed by Lucky Strike, because there is actually something to do there. These coupons are bound to make us quite popular. I like to call it Friend Insurance. It keeps friends around, at least until June 30, 2o08. You can be the first to come along if you know what I’m referencing (poorly) in my title.

Can you imagine how great it would be if thirty of us showed up and got 1 cent drinks? Unfortunately the appetizer is one per party, so we would have to come in separately and merge together after we’ve gotten our freebies.

You’ve Been Double Booked!

This weekend, Michelle hosted two gatherings at her place. First came the Anteaters. Michelle cooked some delicious food, we played some Nintendo Wii, and hung out by the pool.


Michelle’s famous Jap Chae.




Salads are best when the meat to lettuce ratio is 8:1.


The proud chef.


Wii Tennis.


More Wii Tennis.

Later in the evening, the usual gang came over to play some board games. Alice was the first one to show up, standing outside the door, calling my cell phone, while I was drunk and sleeping from beer earlier in the afternoon. The gang played Clue per Lorenzo’s request. He now owes everyone two hours of their lives back.


Why would you play a game that makes you think?


Still going…


It was all too much for Michelle in the end.


Michelle wants everyone to know that she is awesome as Wii Bowling.

Superbad? Nope. Supergood! Maybe Superdrunk.

This Friday I went to see Superbad. We started out at Ra Sushi, which is located right beneath the theater at the mall. There were good food and drinks for all. We decided that to watch a movie of such high caliber, we would need to do sake bombs beforehand. We did a couple bombs, headed up to the theater, but all the seats were taken. Being the smart people we are, we decided to trade our tickets for the later show and do some more sake bombs. I recommend this movie for anyone that loves a vulgar, raunchy comedy. It definitely wins funniest movie of the summer.