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Flash on the Boob Tube

If you clicked to my website because of the title, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Well maybe you won’t be if you are a huge nerd. Ars Technica is running an article about Internet ready televisions getting access to an optimized Flash for HD content. Today is the day we start to ditch cable and make all data and media Internet based. If only we could get those assholes at the ISPs to stop looking at bandwidth caps and bandwidth throttling as a legitimate means to earn more money so we can deliver more content via means like this.

Just Shoot Me

Harrison asked some of us if we wanted to do a photo shoot in his garage just for kicks. We piled into his garage and had a blast. These are some of the photos from my camera and my friends’ cameras. I don’t have the photos from Harrison’s camera, which has a lot more fun stuff. I’ll post those later when I get them.


She’s got legs and she knows how to use them…for walking.


I think I’m going to need more beer if you keep insisting I stand on phone books. At least get rid of the heels so we can get rid of one of the phone books.


You can barely tell in this smaller picture, but she’s got lips drawn on the duct tape on her mouth.


The best part are the two guys with point and shoot cameras in the back. I think I saw someone whip out a Blackberry to take pictures too.

Desktop Tower Defense

I posted last week about some games that got their start from Desktop Tower Defense. Little did I know that the original game was updated by the creators. I love this game. I currently have the game open in a separate browser tab. When I think no one is looking, I play for twenty seconds at a time. I think I should be able to finish a game by the end of the day. Start a game for yourself.

I Got Worms. No Wait, Hedgehogs.

It’s Friday, so I’ll start you guys off with some early weekend content. Anyone ever remember playing a game called Worms 2? It’s a turn based game, where you move your cute worm characters in position to blow up your enemies. I wasted half of my senior year in high school playing this game.  It was worth every penny, but if you are too cheap to spend money, check out Hedge Wars (Sorry, Windows only). It’s a free version that some guys have coded, using hedgehogs instead of worms. For those of you that are still confused about the concept, check out Territory War. It’s a Flash-based version of the game using stick figures. The game is quite limited since it’s playable in the browser, but it gets the concept across.

Have a great weekend guys!

I’m Thankful for Short Work Weeks

It’s Friday! Actually, it’s better than Friday. It’s a day that ushers in the long weekend. Even though we’re alloted two extra weekend days, you should start the weekend even earlier. Since a lot of your are facing slow days with people already taking off for vacation, let’s have some fun playing games.

No matter how state of the art your gaming system may be at home, nothing beats the addictiveness of Flash games. Plus they can be played on just about any computer. Whiteboard Tower Defense is a game that has consumed probably more than a full day of my life in total. It was inspired by the original Desktop Tower Defense, a brilliant concept that has inspired many different games. For a different style of game, check out Bubble Tanks. It’s a fun game, but I haven’t played long enough to see where the game goes, only long enough to realize I was wasting my life away and not even on company time.

For those of you not sitting at a computer at work, hopefully you have an iPhone at least. Check out iKick. It’s probably one of the simplest concepts you can have in a game application for the iPhone, but it’s more addictive than Brick Breaker on the Blackberry.

I need some new games to play. What else do you guys play while on the clock?