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San Pedro Fish Market

I feel like making a hook with my pointer finger and saying, “Arrrrrrrr!” It’s something about the ocean.

When you drive down to the Ports O’Call in San Pedro, you start to smell the fresh ocean air. As you walk into the fish market, you’re greeted by the lobster claw machine. Be honest. Everyone has tried to win a lobster while drinking at a bar before, right? Just me?

What most people eat is from the made-to-order section of the market. There is a huge display case showing off many different varieties of seafood. You can add on corn, potatoes, vegetables, and garlic bread. They really need to add the option of sausage. It would be a less expensive protein source in the meal that would work well with the way they serve it up.

You can also select whole fish including grouper, salmon, tuna, and flounder. They fried up these fish, and I have to say they looked really good.

The view was pretty nice. You get to watch the harbor, smell the clean air, and watch the seagulls fight over scraps left by other eaters.

Of course you can’t enjoy a nice meal by the water without a pitcher of beer. The hot sauce is optional, but that’s how we roll.

Shrimp, vegetables, potatoes, and somewhere buried in there are scallops.

It definitely wasn’t a small meal. They must have a tendency to overcook everything here, because the shrimp were soggy, and the scallops got absolutely pulverized, leaving us to hunt for them.

There is another place in the market that was open at the time that was serving food. Pretty much everything was fried. We decided to try out the fried calamari. It was terrible. It was soggy and oily.

Currently I am on the fence about whether I would like to return here. If I were to come back to the San Pedro Fish Market, I would definitely get a whole fried fish and also steer clear of the calamari. Maybe I’d try to win a lobster and eat that as well.