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Happy America Day! Unbutton your pants.

America is another year older as an independent country. Nothing says America better than cramming your gullet full of too much food and too much alcohol.

BBQ number one took place in Costa Mesa with Jenny and her neighbors and their friends. That is probably the most diverse gathering at a BBQ that you will ever see. Fake boobs and tattoos came in from the IE. Then there were the Asian kids. Last but not least were a group of pasty white hipster kids. Still it was good food and drinks for all.

Let me tell you something about Jenny. She can mix a great cocktail, and she can make some awesome dishes, all from scratch. Here is her spinach and artichoke dip.

The ranch veggie dip in this photo is also made from scratch. I won’t argue against the fact that it tastes a lot better than ranch from the store shelves, but think of all the web surfing she could have done if she didn’t make it from scratch!

You can’t have a BBQ without putting something on the actual grill. Jenny’s bratwursts and chicken apple sliders.

These little suckers are magnificent. I could eat about twenty of them.

It wouldn’t be a celebration of America if there wasn’t at least one drunk idiot, right?

Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

Mango salsa and BBQ shrimp. Sacrilicious.

Of course you can’t forget dessert. Jenny’s cupcakes with scratch frosting.

After baking in the Orange County sun for far too long and getting a nice foot tan from my Rainbows, Michelle and I headed up to Torrance to another friend’s Fourth of July celebration. We said we weren’t going to eat anymore, but we couldn’t deny the call to become American fat asses.

Grapes stuffed with goat cheese and topped with pistacchio.

Mo’s seafood paella. He’s getting good at this dish. It’s got everything Michelle loves. Sausage and seafood.

Food with American colors. Red, white…and green?

Shrimp egg rolls? Shrimp in a blanket? I don’t know what you call these, but they’re delicious.

Independence Day wouldn’t be complete without lighting up the night sky with some fireworks. Here are the least blurry ones where I kept from shaking for a split second with my point-and-shoot camera.

After the festivities were over, we walked home along the railroad tracks. Hope everyone had a safe weekend and kept all their fingers too.

Mother Nature Loves America!

So over the past week I’ve been watching the weather and posting status updates on the view from my house, which totally sucked. The clouds rolled in from the Pacific, and I could barely see past PCH. Even the morning of Fourth of July the clouds rolled in from the seas.


Fortunately for us, Mother Nature loves America and cleared up the clouds just enough for us to see some fireworks. I was too lazy to pull out my 200mm lens, so my videos and photos were kind of far. It’s a good thing my friends are camera nerds too and brought out the big guns. I spliced some of his videos together and sped it up for some explosive viewing. Enjoy. (I stripped the sound out of the clip because it was so windy and we were talking over the footage anyway.)

All the little flashes you see around the main shows are the illegal fireworks shows going off all over the Los Angeles basin.

Next Year: Admission, Churros, Blankets

I spent my Fourth of July at home this year, because I wanted to see what fireworks would look like from our view of the Los Angeles basin. I was only expecting to see three fireworks shows: Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Wilson Park in Torrance. To my delight we saw big shows all over and lots more illegal fireworks, most likely purchased from over the border.

This video shows the tail end of a show form a barge off the coast of Palos Verdes, which was a little bit low along the treeline. If we were up on the balcony, we would have seen it unobstructed. When the camera pans back and forth from Wilson Park, you can see Santa Monica, Century City, and a whole lot of little, independent fireworks displays.

The wind was whipping through my backyard, so I had to build a fort for Michelle and me.

Hermosa and Redondo Beach were the last two big shows to kick off. We already made our way inside and were watching from the warmth of the house.

This being our first Fourth of July in this house, we didn’t know what to expect. Watching fireworks from farther away does lose some of the magic that being at a show, but being able to see half a dozen shows at once and see the whole county light up with flashes of light is incredible. Next year, I’m selling tickets, valet parking, blankets for outdoor watching, seats for indoor watching, and churros. The big money is in the churros. For a few extra bucks I’ll hum patriotic music while the fireworks go off.