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Personal Shopping Assistant

For a long time now I’ve been preaching the benefits of the Firefox web browser for a few reasons, because I am a huge nerd. My favorite reason for using Firefox is the third party plugins that add a lot of functionality beyond standard browsing.

I’ve always said if you’re buying anything but music, DVDs or appliances from Best Buy, you’re probably getting ripped off. Fortunately Invisible Hand is a plugin for Firefox that allows real time shopping comparisons for products on major shopping websites, including Best Buy. If there is an identical product with a better price on another shopping site, a little notification will tell you, “Go buy it elsewhere.”

So now you can go stimulate the economy and do it prudently thanks to Adam Smith’s metaphor, now in Firefox plugin form.

Google Releases Browser…Tomorrow

Google jumped the gun and released a comic noting a product they haven’t released yet. They have a browser called Chrome in the works. It’s based on Webkit and Firefox. Well, they admitted to their little mistake and it looks like we will see this tomorrow. You can check it out here on the Official Google Blog. This is a good kick to the nuts of Microsoft mostly. I believe Google aspires, not to control the web, but to have enough influence to ensure no one other single entity can dictate it.

We Did It!

Way to go! Thanks to everyone that downloaded Firefox 3.0 two days ago. You may not have known, but you were setting a world record. If you did, go on over here and get yourself a certificate. If you didn’t download it, still go ahead and get yourself a certificate. This is like one of those “everybody gets a trophy” days.

Firefox 3.0 Released

Get your copy now. Clickie Clickie

Firefox 3.0 is the Best Browser Out

While Mozilla hasn’t officially released Firefox 3.0 to the public, the release candidates are readily available, and the verdict is in already. Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal fame has given his seal of approval for Mozilla’s new browser. I second his recommendation, even if you’re not using version 3.0 yet.

Firefox is so much more feature-rich than other browsers when you use add-ons. I can sync my bookmarks between two computers running Firefox, I haven’t seen an advertisement on a website in over a year, and I even have a spiffied up Gmail, all thanks to Firefox and its wonderful plugins.

Firefox users outweigh Internet Explorer users in visits to my site by a little more than 2.5:1. I’m sure that’s mostly due to the fact that Michelle and I are my biggest visitors. Let’s get it to 3:1. Stop using Internet Explorer. Download Firefox here.