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Hate List Revived

In college I started a hate list. It was a list of companies that I hated due to poor customer service or poorly executed operations.

I did a lot of online shopping in the .com boom, so most of the companies that made the hate list were shipping companies. Airborne Express claimed they tried to deliver a package to me when I was sitting in the lobby of my apartment all day. This is either a bold faced lie or a total lack of competence, because I took the whole day off from class just to receive my PowerBook.

TicketMaster also made my list, not due to poor customer service, but for the outrageous prices. I used to go to a lot of concerts on the Sunset Strip, which were really inexpensive. Ten bucks for admission to see some awesome bands is always good, but the damn service fees are ridiculous. I understand a service charge, but the cost is the same whether it’s one ticket or more than one. When the service fee is 20% of the ticket price, it’s ridiculous. Up yours, TicketBastards.

Recently I have been ordering items for my home entertainment system, nothing too fancy, but I’m still excited. Well someone had to go and ruin all the fun and make the list. FedEx was the shipper for one of the items. It sucks that they tell you delivery will be sometime between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, but I’ve learned to live with that when shipping to residential destinations. Even though my mom is retired, telling her to stay home all day sucks, but we had her scheduled to wait. I watched the tracking right up until Monday morning and it read scheduled delivery was Tuesday. I got a call this morning telling me the package was being held. FedEx has brought the list back to life. I hate you, FedEx!

Right now only companies are making my list, but individual people are next. I’m looking at you, Oprah!