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This makes me want to do mischievous things.

This is one packet of Jack in the Box Hot Taco Sauce.

This is 1,500 packets of Jack in the Box Hot Taco Sauce. It may not look like much…

Until you put it into perspective.

Fine, I’ll just get a cheeseburger.

We’ve all had that one time where we have raced to McDonald’s only to find out breakfast is no longer being served. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s a rejection almost on par with getting dumped. Every time I wake up early I feel like I have to go to McDonald’s and get breakfast. It’s not that I even want a Sausage McMuffin and hash browns. I just want to feel vindicated after all those rejections in the past.

Maybe I should stick to Jack in the Box, breakfast twenty four hours a day.

The Economics of Fast Food

I ran across this online video game. In the game you run McDonald’s, not just the store front, but everything. From creating pastures and raising cattle for slaughter to hiring employees, you are in charge. You will quickly learn that you can create hamburgers without hormones, but McDonald’s officers will not be happy with your earnings. Learn about the seedy world of fast food in an entertaining way.