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Still in a Northern California Daze

This week has been rough so far. We went up north for two weddings on consecutive weekends. Coming home Sunday night after ten days with Maggie has been tiring. We’re still trying to catch up on rest. Here’s the quick photo rundown of our trip. Sorry for the poor quality. I almost always only use the iPhone to take photos, and there is no time to post process photos anymore.


Since we have to stop every two hours for Maggie, we took the 101. There are more places to stop, including Firestone Walker.


Stop #2 was also Firestone Walker but a different location. Maggie enjoyed learning about barrel aging beers.


Maggie met her cousin Myla, who played around her rather than with her.


Maggie also got to meet her cousin Joshua. Basically none of them really acknowledged each other.


Maggie did get to play with a pool noodle lightsaber.


My cousin Jessica got married in a beautiful ceremony and reception that I would call ” very similar to ours but nicer.”


After spending time in the San Jose area, we headed down to Monterey and Carmel for a little bit, stopping by the aquarium.


Jellyfish are so cool.


Maggie was happy as a clam.


The open ocean tank was huge with sea turtles, tuna, and hammerhead sharks.


We cruised the 17-mile drive and got to see The Lone Cypress.


Point Lobos State Preserve.


China Beach.


After Carmel we raced to SF just to head out again across the new Bay Bridge.


We got to go to Pixar! Unfortunately there’s a pretty strict “no photo” policy on most of the campus, so pictures are limited to the lobby areas.


Most displays were for Monsters University since it was their latest release.


Luigi and Guido from Cars.


Who could forget these guys? Oooooooooooh!


Maggie got to play in her first playground.


She also got to enjoy oysters.


This guy got married. There was a lot of crying.


Maggie drove us home after a long trip. Holy crap I look exhausted.

I need a vacation from this vacation.

The Force is strong with my family.

Check out those hot kicks my niece is wearing! I bought them and had them shipped to my brother’s house. My sister-in-law thought my brother ordered them and got mad. I’m not sure why though. Clearly these shoes are not just for boys.

Looking Good for the In-Laws

I have to fly out on a business trip early Wednesday morning. That means I have to be at the airport at about 5:00 AM. Michelle and I had dinner with my parents last week and the trip came up in conversation.

Mom: When are you leaving?
Me: Early Wednesday morning.
Mom: Do you need a ride to the airport?
Me: No, it’s too early. I was just going to take a shuttle.
Mom: I can take you.
Michelle: I can take you.
Me: You sure? It’s early.
Michelle: Yes.
Me: Okay then we’ll do that.

This morning the conversation was quite different.

Me: Don’t forget we have to go real early to the airport on Wednesday.
Michelle: Awww, man!
Me: Did you just offer to take me after my mom offered so you’d look like a good wife?
Michelle: Yeah. Can you take a shuttle? And also tell your mom I took you?



Here is the reason we went up to San Jose for Thanksgiving. This is my niece, Myla, who just turned one not too long ago. Her upper teeth are probably due out soon so she likes to chew on her tongue.

Myla with her mom and the bunny we got for her.

Here Michelle is telling her the importance of online web presence.

Kids like me, and I think it’s because I look like a cartoon.

We made her play with the bunny every chance we got so it would become her favorite, and then we would become her favorite. Muahahahha!

Myla plays like a little boy. She doesn’t like to sit still and only has one speed, extreme. I was fascinated by the fact that she can mimic just about any sound you make. She can pop her lips, click her tongue, and do whatever that thing is called in the video.

Now that we’re done looking at my adorable niece, let’s talk about family and food.

People ask whether spending time with my niece makes me want to have kids any sooner. Playing with kids is pretty fun, but part of the fun is being able to say, “She pooped. Playtime timeout. Someone take care of this.” What you don’t see in all these pictures is all the hard work the parents put into raising Myla. You also don’t see the loads of stuff they have just to accomplish that task. Hard work is hard. As I am having a difficult time taking care of myself most of the time, I don’t think pushing up kids is a great idea.

My Mom’s the Best

Last week we had an appliance delivered to our home during a work day. Since my  mom is retired now, she graciously offered to wait for the delivery. Not only did she wait and come back after the delivery company missed their delivery timetable by an hour and a half, but she also made dinner and cleaned our house. Below are her notes.

Instructions on how to finish her almost-ready-to-eat meal. That’s right. She made a meal just for us that she had no intention of eating herself. I should have more week day deliveries.

Water the lawn? Please, Mom. I’m not a child. That was taken care of the very next morning…because it rained.


They say that older children often feel threatened by younger siblings when it comes to their parents’ attention. As the younger brother, I never got that, until now…

I went over to my parents’ place and found this on the dining room. These are all photos of my niece, Myla. If you look at their computers and phones, the backgrounds are photos of her as well. It seems petty for a grown adult to try to compete for attention with a baby, but I figured how to deal with it.

I’m currently planing on printing a lot of photos of myself, leaving them around their house and  changing all electronic devices to display my face.

Lunch at Work

I work with my dad, and sometimes my mom will send a sandwich to the office for me. This morning I had this email.

I sent a sandwich for you with dad. Ask him to save it for you in frig if you’re not in the office today, or he’s liable to give it away – 3 pieces of bacon!!

My mom’s the best.

Family Trip Photos

This past weekend Michelle and I hopped in the car with my parents and headed to the San Jose area to visit my brother.

We made a stop along the way at Casa de Fruta. It’s a little tourist trap with an old, Venetian-style merry go round and a place where you can pan for gold. They also have a wine store, a place to buy dried fruits and nuts, and a candy/ice cream store. It’s totally worth a stop if you have little kids in the car that are driving you nuts.

They also have a whole shelf dedicated to hot sauce.

There’s also a train for taking photos.

This is a sign in my brother’s neighborhood. While I was reading it, I jumped the curb  and drove through his living room. Why would they make a sign with so many words?

This is my niece, Myla. She is the reason we made a trip up north. At two months old, she is pretty boring.  She eats, sleeps, and poops. Even her parents do things to make her more exciting, like dress her up as a sandwich.

Here is Michelle, chatting with Myla about her plans for a summer internship at Woo! and negotiating the pay rate for such a highly desirable position.

I’d ask you to stay turned for more exciting things, but there really wasn’t too much going on this weekend. It was good to spend some quiet time with the family, which is now one person bigger.

Some Random Holiday Photos

Here are some photos from the holidays this year.

There was beer pong.

There was also flip cup.

The losers got spankings.

The crappy gift exchange brought out 20 lbs. of taco sauce.

It also brought out a lot of light sabers.

There was time with the cousins.

We even threw a Hannah  Montana themed party for a very special person.

And there she is.

I saw UCLA lose to Washington. Got a great program with good years ahead.

I learned that nuns really like boba.

I don’t have any pictures from New Year’s Eve that don’t have someone looking a little drunk, passed out, or just raging. Those pictures will remain under wraps. I personally behaved this year, unlike some other years past.

I’m an uncle!

I promise to be the best uncle possible, and not the creepy uncle that lives in a van with no windows in the alley behind the record store. I’ve even started to prepare for my first talk with niece on an important subject that you can never have too early in a child’s life.