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Third installment of Family Guy Star Wars movies.

The Family Guy crew has done such a great job with the first two of the series. I can’t wait to see this third one. I hope they never make Episodes 1-3 though. They’re too terrible to spoof.

Still a Good Weekend

This weekend thus far has been strange, kind of all over the place. There was a little bit of work involved in the process, but it’s still better than being stuck in the office. Here’s a quick photo recap thus far of the weekend.

Although work has been kicking my ass so bad that I haven’t had time to read the manual, that hasn’t stopped me from getting some time with the D90. Here is my freshwater tropical tank. The sensor on this thing is so awesome. This picture is taken without a tripod and no other lights on in the room.

Stewie arrived on Friday. Creepy, huh? I put him in the family room window to watch our naked neighbor. Yeah, I have a naked neighbor.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in Stewie’s head, it’s the Family Guy Total World Domination Collection. I bought this collection for $60.00! How can you beat that?

I’m sure you’ve all heard that fires are raging in California right now. I’ve been watching the news all day. Fortunately I’m in an area that is safe from the fires, but just to show you how bad it is, this is the view from my backyard. What you’re seeing on the left before the smoke clouds consume it is the beginning of the Redondo Beach. Normally the view goes all the way up the coastline to Ventura. Hopefully the fires will be contained soon and people can get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

This is what I am currently doing. Work. Beer. Computers. That’s Michelle from michellewoo.com on the left.

This weekend is shaping up to be strange to say the least but definitely fun.