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Stop Advertising to Friends on Facebook!

I normally don’t care what people do on their social networks, but when it starts spilling over onto my feed, it bothers my inner geek. So I’m going to help you become less of a market research target for Facebook, but mostly I’m going to fix you so that you stop annoying me.

1. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page and click on Privacy Settings.

2. Click on Edit Settings on Ads, Apps and Websites.
3. Click on Edit Settings on Ads. (Remember to come back and edit the Apps as well. I’m sure you’re not playing most of those Facebook games or taking those surveys anymore.)
4. Click on Edit third party ad settings.

5. Select no one from the drop down menu and press the Save Changes button. This should return you to the previous page with a notification that the changes have been saved.
6. Click on Edit social ads setting.
7. Repeat step 5.

These steps should stop allowing Facebook to push the ads to your friends’ news feeds. You should also manage the ‘likes’ content. This is what Facebook reads to push social ads to news feeds. Clean this up. Everyone knows you love Target and Amazon, but these big brands are most likely to push the advertising.

1. Go to your timeline
2. Click on the Likes unit (in the section under your cover photo). It is now showing pages for groups/products/famous people you like broken down by year.
3. Click onto any of the years.
4. Click onto the page of any of the things you have liked in the past.
5. On that page, you should see a button showing ✓ Liked. Click on that button and press Unlike.
6. Repeat for other pages.

A lot of people enter contests that require you to ‘like’ their Facebook page. I’d love to tell you just don’t enter, but that’s not going to happen. Just try and remember to clean things out once in a while. It’s better for your privacy and for keeping your friends…online.

Up Yours, Hasbro!

I’m sure a lot of you are aware that Hasbro, the makers of Scrabble, gave a cease and desist to Facebook to take down Scrabulous. After they were forced to pull Scrabulous, Hasbro’s version of Scrabble for Facebook, made by EA, just plain sucked. Well, the guys that made Scrabulous are back with Wordscraper!

The REAL Reason Behind Recession

I don’t think the overspeculation of the housing market is all that is to blame for our recent economic downturn. It’s not just our foreign relations and declining dollar value. I’m pretty sure each of us is to blame for the recession by not working hard enough. Why aren’t we working? Facebook. How can you get anything done with this website around? It’s got Scrabulous and my latest productivity killer is Tetris Friends. Load this up and give me a challenge. Let the old people that aren’t on Facebook worry about the economy.

Another Year Older

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I’ve never had so many people give me birthday wishes. I think it has something to do with Facebook letting the whole world know. Anyway, it’s nice to be noticed for a day. People asked me what I was up to on my birthday and if I had plans for the evening. I went to work today and photography class after I got home. I’m undeniably in my late 20’s now. I have to be an adult. It can’t all be fun and games.*

*Fun and games this weekend. Drop me a line if you want to join in on the action.