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What to Do Now?

Photo class has ended. Michelle and I will go back to seeing each other on the weekends only now. So how do I fill my weeks now? Push ups! That’s right. I will do the 100 push up challenge I talked about just yesterday. In preparation for all this, I’ve created a category for exercise.

I’ve already taken the initial test with twenty one push ups. That’s probably from all the help I’ve been giving our warehouse guy. I sometimes go into the warehouse and lift heavy things effortlessly. Still some of you must be thinking, “I didn’t expect you to be able to do more than five pushups.” Don’t be fooled by my multiple chins. I just have very little jawbone structure. It’s hereditary. I think it stems from my great great great grandfather Jaba the Hut.

Buried in Busyness

Even though summers don’t exist like they used to when I was in school, I still see summer as a time when I can accomplish the things I want to do. Perhaps it is the long sunlight hours available that make it so great for getting things done. You all know I made a list of things to do about two months ago. I’ve accomplished, pretty much nothing. If you count three or four casts in five minutes, then I got fishing scratched off my list. Kayaking in the ocean is almost like jet skiing, right? That above ground pond is out of the question, although it may turn into a true pond if I can convince my mom that grass is over rated. Brewing beer? Who has the time to wait for beer to become drinkable when I can pick up a frosty cold one at the store now?

Rather than take this as motivation to start accomplishing things on the list, I’ve decided to add one more thing that I will not accomplish this summer. I stumbled across this site that will help people reach the goal of doing 100 consecutive pushups. As someone who hasn’t hit the gym since George W. Bush was popular, this sounds like just the thing for me. I was going to do the initial test tonight, but it’s late and I’ve already showered. We’ll see if this comes up again this summer…or ever again.

Workout at Work

I ran across an awesome infomercial for a device that is supposed to gyrate your hips while sitting at work.

Can someone tell me how the fuck you are supposed to get anything done in this chair? I love how the lady in the infomercial says, “You can hardly call this work,” as she struggles to hang on to the desk. That’s because she is holding on for dear life instead of getting her shit done. As the boss’ son there are not a lot of things I can do to get myself fired, but bringing this chair into the office might be one of them.