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Food outside of Buenos Aires.

Food in the other areas of Argentina, outside of Buenos Aires, does not stray too far from the traditional foods. You won’t get a whole lot of influences from different cultures. The food is pretty much what it has been for a long time. This was the case for Dona Salta, a restaurant in the town of Salta in the northwest of Argentina.

Empanadas are definitely a traditional food.

Beef and onions.


Shredded, stewed beef.

Cheese. Glorious and oozing.

This is mondongo, tripe soup. It’s like menudo but without Ricky Martin.

Tripe. This tastes like the farm. It’s good up to a certain point, but having a barnyard taste in your mouth after you’re done eating is not that cool.

Fortunately you can wash the taste out of your mouth with some vanilla and dulce de leche ice cream. In all of Argentina they are serious about their ice cream. You start with two scoops for the small serving. I can definitely get behind that kind of thinking.

While the food hasn’t changed much over time, it’s good wholesome food. It has a feel of home cooked, even when in a restaurant. I can always get into some good, old-fashioned home cooking.